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Stephan Hinz


Stephan Hinz is the name that until recent times has been something of an enigma, that said he’s been in heavy rotation by most of the biggest and brightest underground artists for a while. Not only has he played host to these same characters with his world renowned “DASDING Plattenleger” radio show, but he has consistently released big tunes in those same years on labels such as Kling Klong, Drumcode & Renaissance. And more recently he’s become an integral part of the Second State crew, which sees him making his second appearance with LWE at The Hydra in March. 2015 was a fantastic year for the Berlin based producer and we’re super excited to see how things progress for him.

Using a selection of Native Instruments kit, a CDJ, a laptop, and an Akai APC40; Stephan’s live sets transfer the knowledge and studio skill to crowds in a totally dynamic way. Having first mastered the craft of djing, it’s no surprise to see such an engaging live set, where Stephan really plays to the crowd and they dance for him.  With no performance like whats come before, Stephan’s live sets are a truly unique moment in time. Exploring the boundaries of techno in it’s harder and softer forms, it’s hard to believe how much he can squeeze in! It’s a really engaging experience for the crowd, (and the techies) as they watch someone who’s really mastered the craft of using the latest technology with such originality. With some housey undertones it’s an uplifting experience.

Right enough of the chat, time to listen to the music! Listen to Stephan Hinz’s mix for Second State’s Beyond Expectations series below. The aim of the series is to showcase some sounds of an artist that you might not naturally associate with them.

The idea is expressed here: “Music which inspires us, music we dream to, music we mourn to, music which keeps the world together when everything falls apart, music which gives us energy, music which makes us smile..”

And in terms of his studio output, here’s a selection of the LWE offices favourite Stephan Hinz beats. Keep a close eye on this man over the course of 2016, we’re expecting big things.