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Stephan Bodzin Interview & Mix


Jaded turns 8 on Saturday 17th November with a warehouse party and extended after-hours session. Joining them on this night to remember will be the mighty Stephan Bodzin. LWE caught up with Stephan to ask him a few questions about life and music. We also bagged an exclusive mix for your listening pleasure…


Hello Stephan. Firstly we’d like to say thank you for the mix you did for us, we can’t stop playing it in the office! What have been the biggest influences on your sound and style of production?

Of course, I was always influenced by a few pioneers like Kraftwerk, Plasticman, early electro from the 80s, also classical and jazz artists like Miles Davis and the weather report from the (very) early days. But, to be honest, I started getting into the most exiting creative processes when I lost kind of connection to these roots.

When your not in the studio or behind the decks, what do you spend your spare time doing?
Normally I’d be on a flight then!
No, still I love travelling the planet as backpacker, I’ve been a few times to Nepal for example. Also I´m into skydiving (Baumgartner! Yes, I am his fan), which I have already done around 500 times by now.

Spending time with my family, friends, whether it’s cooking, drinking wine, playing my fender rhodes mk1, beer with my manager (and so called meetings), or driving my (fast) fiat500.

Enjoying the sun, soaking every second out of this life.

Having been at the centre of techno for so long, where do you see the genre’s future?

Genres come and go, music keeps sounding the same (bass music, drum n bass n stuff…). Or the music is changing and the genre´s still the same (tech house).  After all it´s all based on house and techno somehow. I keep calling that minimal-electronica-techno-thing I’m doing techno.

But back to your question… If  you have a track at no #1 for 4 weeks in the Beatport’s techno genre, you don’t end up anywhere better than just being no#50 in the all-over charts. The techno thing is going downhill.  That is why it´s THE argument for me to stay where I am, keep doing it, working on a fresh shape and still calling it techno. You see – I DO love techno  😉

Any forthcoming projects you want to talk to us about?

I´ve been working intensely on a completely new concept for 2013, including new solo stuff and a brand new live show featuring new- customized controllers and great visuals. More info on that in the winter I guess.

My label Herzblut is still doing very well. Releases by Florian Meindl, Dominik Eulberg, Kyle Geiger and some other biggies are already in the pipeline. Look out for the Meinl release. That one´s huge!

What’s your favourite city to play in, and why?

London, of course –  The crowd going totally nuts!  Seriously I have had so many huge nights in London at Turnmills (once upon a time), the amazing Lightbox and my favorite one and everybody’s darling: the one and only Fabric.

What’s the worst thing about being a DJ?

No peeing, no sleeping, no good food (at the airports), travelling alone. The rest is AWESOME J

What advice would you give to young producers out there?

Keep going, keep going. Never give up. Do your own shit, don´t look right, don´t look left, don´t look back. If you ARE an artist, you WILL succeed.

Do you get more joy out of Djing or playing a live show?

Hmmm… Depends on the event actually. Both are a big challenge to me. DJing is more party, live is more creativity. I love both. Can´t decide.

Finally, are you looking forward to starting a new year with LWE in  London?

Oh yeah, indeed I do!! I will bring a full bag of fresh tunes, controllers and can´t wait for that Warehouse thing. London rules!


Stephan Bodzin : Exclusive Jaded 8th Birthday Mix by Lwe on Mixcloud

 Stephan Bodzin plays at Jaded NYE for full info and tickets head HERE: