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Stooki Sound Interview


As the sound of trap music gets ever more popular in the capital- one duo in the form of Stooki Sound are making waves with their distinctive British twist on this growing movement.  With influences from Hip Hop and Grime related genres trap music has opened up many avenues for creative expression within the broad genre of bass music.  Not only pushing out their own sounds but also a clothing line, and visuals there is much more to this collective than just gully bass.  They will be supporting Joker and Skepta at the Jose Cuervo presents night in June alongside Darq E Freaker and P Money.



Behind the East London based production duo of Stooki Sound lies DJ Lukey and Jelacee – How did you two link up and start the project?
J: We met each other at a few parties in 2012 and got along well. We got talking about music and realised we have a lot n common so from there we began making tracks together.

L: Yeah, at the time we met I was DJ’ing regularly in London and also part of the art collective Stooki ( which I co-founded in 2011. Stooki has three core elements Sound, Vision and Play, it made sense to start developing the Sound element of Stooki and so began producing and DJ’ing as a duo with Jamal under as Stooki Sound.

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
J: I am very enthusiastic while producing so if you catch me in my element, you’ll see me jumping around, head bopping crazily and acting like im in a rave. I find that when I feel like im partying, I produce a lot better.

L. Right now I’m still living the home studio dream. When I’m not producing I’m working on some Graphic Design so my studio space is kind of a fusion of the two.


What elements have allowed trap to increase in popularity so rapidly within the UK?
J: I think the fact that Trap has elements from the Dubstep and Grime scene, its making quite a good crossover in the UK. I think with our own tracks we add the London sound, which is pretty dark/gritty, so it works well over here.

L. Yeah US Hip-Hop has always been popular over here in the UK as well as homegrown genres such as Grime, Dubstep and Bassline. I think the UK Trap sound is a fusion between these genres that’s why it’s popular.

Apart from just music, Stooki also embraces other creative aspects can you tell us a bit more about your clothing brand and how that came about?  Was this a natural progression with the music or were you already working on this?
L: The Stooki ( movement started in 2011 and began with jewellery and clothing as our main creative output. We present our themed collections and artistic works through the three key elements of Stooki that are Sound, Vision and Play. I teamed up with Jelacee in October 2012 to begin producing and DJ’ing as a duo under the Stooki Sound name.


Any forthcoming projects or collaborations that we can expect from you over the next few months?
J: We just put out a track with gLAdiator, and we have a mixtape out in summer which will feature UZ, D!RTY AUD!O and Rome Fortune. There will be a lot more to come so keep a look out!

L: Yeah I don’t want to reveal too much but definitely look out for our Geddit! Mixtape out in summer! The Stooki art collective are a part of Adidas’s Unite All Originals 13’ campaign this year too so keep an eye out for our next collision

 What are you most looking forward to about playing at the warehouse party in June?
J: I think being able to play so close to home is great. We don’t play a lot of shows in London but whenever we do we get an amazing reception. And the crowd will be expecting grimey/party vibe due to the amazing line up so I’m very excited.

L: Yeah we’ve played a lot of shows around Europe recently; it’s always good to play at home in London. I’m looking forward to the mixture of people in the crowd, and playing alongside a wicked line-up of artists. I’m excited for Stooki Sound to bring our own element to the party, warehouse raves are always fun, they have a unique vibe.

What are your three favourite club nights in the UK?
L & J:  TRILL, we’ve headlined the last two warehouse parties and it’s always a sick night ! . and All Trap Music parties (


Saturday June 8th
East London Warehouse
10pm to 5am

Tickets: £10 to £20 + bf (18+)