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Surgeon Interview


On Saturday 3rd August, we join forces with Chris Liebing’s CLR to bring Eastern Electrics 2013 a stage of techno at it’s best. One of the acts that has been chosen to play is Surgeon, who’s blend of club music and experimental tones gives him a dark yet warm techno sound. A range of influences from Dub, through to techno, and Chicago house have given Surgeon a distinctly industrial sounding blend of electronic styles. Come down to the Eastern Electrics launch party on 6th July where we’ll be celebrating our 3rd birthday with a few acts that are also on the EE bill. Anyway… time to introduce you to Surgeon.

How would you describe your style of production?
It’s intense and hypnotic. One thread that runs through it all is sinister and whimsy for the wretched.

What have been the biggest influences on forming this sound?
Thinking. Thinking, thinking, thinking.
And a whole lot of listening.

What’s the best experience you have had whilst DJing?
Totally losing myself in the music and the moment and feeling a real deep connection with the crowd.

Was there a particular moment or track that got you into electronic music?
Perhaps Isao Tomita? I was very young. I don’t remember a time without loving electronic music.

Favorite country to play in and why?
Japan. Everything works there. Their attention to detail makes other places seem shabby.

If we were to walk into your studio now what would we see?
Quite a mess really. Things all over the floor.

And what about when your performing, what’s your set up in the club?
Very simple and very effective.

Have you got any forthcoming releases collaborations or other projects you can tell us about?
My monthly show on Rinse FM is a lot of fun. It’s something really new for me and I enjoy being outside of my comfort zone.

What are you most looking forward to about playing at the on the CLR vs. LWE stage at Eastern Electrics 2013?
I always find it best to approach each DJ performance in the moment it happens in without bringing an expectation into that moment. It makes each performance much more pure and special.