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Sven Väth 50th Birthday Feature


Sven Väth will reach his 50th birthday later this year; and how many 50 year olds can say they are still playing vinyl in the best clubs all around the world?! Forget blowing out candles on his birthday cake, musical chairs, and the bumps… Sven Väth is throwing a mega party in Manheim Germany, and we’re pretty sure we’ll be feeling the ripples from this when he reaches London this November. Teaming up with Timewarp, he’s puling together a mega lineup of his best friends from over the years, and a party for 20,000 people.





Here’s an early birthday wish from LWE to Sven, as we look back at a few of our personal favourite moments that the legend has brought to us over the years. And with no signs of slowing down his packed out touring schedule, they’ll be plenty more memories to come.

Did you know?
In 1985 the term “party” became a permanent fixture in Sven’s vocabulary, following the development of the Chicago house scene in which phrases like house nation and house vibes made their way to Europe.

By 1990 Sven’s turntable style becomes harder, the nights longer. This summer techno breaks out in Germany. Sven is again one of the first to accept, adapt and play this music.

An old skool track from 1993, with a classic Balearic feel, that’s leaving us dreaming of hazy mornings…

Did you know?
By the year 2000 Sven was the official Cultural Ambassador of the German Goethe Institute

Here’s the classic video of him playing at Love Parade the same year…

Did you know?
2011 was the year that Sven celebrated 30 years as a DJ, and marked the most successful season at Amnesia ever.

A year later he tore down this set for Boiler Room:

Cocoon London
Sven Väth & Friends
10pm – 6am
Building Six
The O2, Greenwich, SE10 0AX

O2 T&Cs: