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TCTS Interview


Twenty four year old producer TCTS will join the likes of Joe Goddard, Bodhi, Karma Kid, Andrea and Sweater Beats on the London date of Bondax’s debut live show.  Quickly stepping up the ranks with his typically British sounding blend of house music, that’s swooping dance-floors from East to West.


We wanted to start by asking about the history of the TCTS project, and what have been the influences on your style?
It started while I was studying in Manchester. In my teens I used to play in bands and be more into guitar music, until I got to uni and got really exposed to club music. Pretty quickly I got hugely into electronic music, and massively into house. I’d been messing around using sequencers like Fruityloops and Reason whilst I was in college, so when I got to uni I got hold of Logic and began trying to teach it to myself. In my final year of studying I decided to consciously up my production game and seriously push my music, mainly I think to avoid my degree. Initially I was influenced by what I was getting exposed to in my early university days; dubstep was huge so there was a lot of that around, and then a big house presence too. Manchester is an amazing city for music – with Warehouse Project bringing huge lineups, twinned with dedicated club nights consistently booking great DJs, it makes it easy to be exposed to a lot of good music.


What have you been up to this summer, hit up any of the festivals
Yeah, I’ve been really lucky and had a good summer of festivals. I’ve been playing at Gottwood, Glastonbury, Wakestock, Tramlines, Secret Garden Party and then I’ve got Leeds festival to finish off. Then it’s been UK club shows and a cheeky trip to Ibiza, so all in all pretty great.


 What are you most looking forward to about playing at the secret warehouse party with Bondax in October?
It’s always fun playing with the Bondax boys, it’ll be amazing to join them on their tour for a few dates, especially for the London show. For that one I’m most looking forward to the party atmosphere in the booth – the best shows are always the ones where you know the other DJs, so partying with Adam and George, Sam Karma Kid and the Bodhi boys will be special.


Talk us through your studio set up…
So I’ve got my studio gear and DJ gear all set up together – I have Pioneer CDJs and a Technics 1210 into a mixer for the DJ side of things. Then I’ve got a couple of synths, stuff like the Novation Mininova, set up to run through my soundcard into my Macbook Pro. For monitoring I have a pair of Genelecs, which sound great. Then there are extra bits and pieces kicking around like a Novation Launchpad, M-audio controller keyboard and Korg NanoKontrol for MIDI options. I’ve also got a Rode condensor microphone incase I want to demo vocals for tracks. Its all a fairly simple set up to be honest, and essentially I’m pretty happy as long as I have a decent pair of monitors to run through. I do all my production using Logic Pro.


If you could make a collaboration with any other producer who would it be and why?
I’m a huge Jacques Greene fan, I can’t think of many producers who can match him for the consistency of his releases, everything he puts out is amazing. Either that or go and make a banger with Claude VonStroke, I think that would be fun.



Best DJing memory so far?
I’d probably have to say Glastonbury this year. It was a bit of a bucket-list moment, as I’m sure it is for any musician who gets to play there. It was an amazing vibe in the tent and it was packed out, definitely the quickest 90 minutes of my life. I had loads of friends in the crowd too which was a special touch.


Any forthcoming projects or collaborations you can tell us about?
Next up release-wise is the next EP, ‘These Heights’, which is forthcoming on Greco Roman. Pretty excited about that as I’m a huge fan of that labels output, and I can wait to get the tracks out. I’ve also been hitting the studio a lot recently with different people, there is a collaboration in the works with Karma Kid, and vocal sessions with people like Black Butter’s Sam Shaw
which I’m hyped about.


Favorite club?
I’ve got a lot of love for Corsica Studios, I always like playing there, as the system is so great sounding. It’s got that lovely analog brutality about it. I also really like playing Stealth in Nottingham, such a great club.


and friends present

Bondax Debut Headline Live Show
Friday 4th October

Joe Goddard
Sweater Beats
Karma Kid
Andrea (Live)

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£17.50 selling Fast
£20 Standard