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Junction 2

Thank you for your feedback



A heartfelt thank you to all of you who came and enjoyed an amazing day with us on Saturday. We have spent all day reading all of your positive comments with big smiles on our faces.

We wanted to write a longer post about Junction 2 after seeing that some of you might not have had the experience that you expected from an LWE event.

We always welcome everybody’s feedback (so long as it is constructive), and we are continually looking to improve our events. This means that info from you guys on the ground is needed and also very helpful.

Often there are reasons for the things we do, and sometimes we get things slightly wrong, which frustratingly can’t always be fixed on the day. Sometimes we get things spot on – events are unpredictable beasts, and you can’t always plan for every eventuality.

Year 1 was lovely; it was spacious, sunny and easy to operate, this is because we only sold 60% of the tickets! We lost a hideous amount of money, but we lost it with a smile on our faces because we knew we had found one of the best venues in the UK.

Year 2 was lovely, until the end, when we had an incident outside (unrelated to the event) which hampered egress. We also had 50mph winds blowing the Sonus stage sound for miles around West London. These two points left a sour taste in the mouths of the local residents.

Year 3, this year, it was a mission to get our licence granted. We had to totally redo egress (the event exit plan) and triple our security, traffic and stewarding provisions externally as well as persuade the various authorities that a partial road closure was a good and viable idea. This took the whole year to plan and a significant amount of money and worry. As always, we put a lot of effort into internal operations, but we definitely under-specced on tokens staff and space for them to serve from. This is something we will be rectifying in 2019. We have also seen a few moans about the capacity under the bridge. We allowed in the legal amount, according to a combination of floor space and fire exit widths. We will look at reducing the capacity in 2019 under the bridge while also improving the flow for people to leave. There is a difficult balance as a promoter to reach, we wanted as many of you as possible (legally / safely) to see the DJs you wanted to. We hope to open up exit lanes on both sides to allow people out without having to push through the crowd. We love a one-way system and people not having to clamber over each other and ruin the dancefloor vibes so knowing we didn’t make this perfect is annoying.

We are good people, independent promoters who are more about the experience (anyone read the ponsurance definition) than the money we put in our pockets but money doesn’t grow on trees (even in Boston Manor Park), so the numbers still have to stack up. As much as we would love you all to have your own private toilet and someone to carry you between stages, we have to be realistic 😉 If you would like to add any thoughts that might help us, and are grounded in reality, please get in touch and we will take them on board.

Here’s to an even more smashing 2019!

Junction 2