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The Sounds of NYE


With NYE just around the corner we thought we’d give you some of the tracks that are having a big impact in this last quarter of 2013. All of the acts on the bill for New Year’s Eve at Building Six are certainly on an upwards trajectory, and as 2014 rapidly approaches, here are some fresh tracks they are finishing it off.


No one would have expected Ben Westbeech to have made it to that list of being on the UK no.1 single chart, however he did it- and with style.  The question is whether he could follow it up.  Yes, is the short answer. Not distracted by his commercial success, but keeping his ear firmly locked to the underground has made him a figurehead within the current wave of bass driven, 90s inspired house music.  Check out the video for his latest release featuring Andreya Triaina- Everything You Never Had (We Had It All).

Gorgon City

After a steady rise at the end of 2012, the duo made up of Rack n ruin and Foamo have become the talk on everyone’s lips at the end of 2013. They are special guests at our ‘closing party’ for what has been an amazing year for UK house and bass music producers.  With there recent track ‘Ready For Your Love’ receiving a lot of love on radio stations across the land, your just as likely to hear this riddem on the air as you would something on the Now Christmas compilation. Definitely a sign of the times – and we’re not complaining!

Kry Wolf.

Fresh of the back off an Australian tour and with an impressive back catalogue of releases on their labels ‘Food Music’ and ‘Sounds of Sumo’, 2013 was the year that Kry Wolf really began to develop into a well respected production outfit. With an arsenal of releases under their belts combined with their innovative yet old school mixing style means you never quite know what to expect from these two…

Also here’s a bit of literature on a few of the other acts playing on the night…

Rattus Rattus’s 2013 tracks


10 mins with- T Williams


Be warned tickets are selling fast, final release tickets will go on sale soon!