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The Sounds of Rødhåd


At the end of the 1990s Rødhåd laid the groundwork for his DJ-career. He organised small open-air-parties in the outskirts of Berlin just for the fun of it. The word spread quickly far beyond Berlin’s and Germany’s borders about the new kid on the block. His specific style, consisting of Dub-Techno mixed with percussive grooves and his timeless, perfect mixing technique garnered him widespread recognition. Here’s a few of our favourite sounds ahead of the Dystopian party next month.


Howling – Signs (Rødhåd Remix)

Signs’ was released on Monkey Town last month as a white label, and keep an eye out for a stunning video directed by Ry X and Constantin Demner. On top of this remix the EP also features versions from Kalabrese, and Radioslave. This one has a hedonistic roll that evokes that true Dystopian Hallmark

Rødhåd RA podcast

“Behind the decks, Rødhåd’s style is slick, loopy and hypnotic. It’s a sound he developed playing extended sets in Berlin clubs, and when coupled with his deft mixing, it makes for some truly immersive moments. Despite his newfound acclaim, Rødhåd hasn’t departed from the subtle, often melancholic tones of his early career. On his RA podcast, he demonstrates his trademark style of brooding hypnotism, delicately stitching peak-time cuts with poignant atmospherics…”