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The Steelyard Venue Preview


Set in the heart of the city of London, it’s sometime hard to believe that this venue exists exactly where it does. A stones throw from Monument station, it’s a hidden spot amongst what is normally white collar territory on a weekday. Being run by the same people that used to run Cable, and Crucifix Lane, there comes some real pedigree in the spaces heritage. With both of these venues now closed (…National Rail!) The Steelyard has quickly become a talking point in the London scene, and somewhere where many more tales will be written.

For LWE the venue has already hosted two blistering showcases including Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In London, and shortly after that we brought in HotFlush. Getting an excellent response from the DJs, The Steelyard is onto a winning formula as from what we can tell, you guys love it just as much!

Here’s the video from Hot Since 82 here:

And some feedback from you guys:

“Such a beautiful rave. Danced it out from start to finish. Respect to everyone who was there. One love”

“This night was pure class one of my best nights out in London…”




With a high ceiling archway as the main area to shake your feet, the venue also has a chill out area to add to the intimate feel. The combination of the spaces natural beauty, a wholesome GAE soundsystem and a top notch lighting rig mean this space ticks all of the right boxes. There is a real natural ambience and good energy in the venue, which has been further boosted by a total refurbishment. Investing heavily in a top of the range air conditioning system means you can also dance away in comfort. Plus you won’t get thirsty either as there is ample bar space and staff to serve you your favourite.

Offering a nice balance between a club and what the industry call a ‘blank canvas event space’, The Steelyard allows the like ourselves to specifically tailor the production to the sound and feel of the night. On the 3rd May we’ll be back there again to host Dystopian’s first London showcase, where the venue will be undressed with their typical minimalist style.