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tINI Interview


Tickets for our Desolat warehouse party with tINI and Guti (Live) and SIDEXSIDE are flying out and you will have to move quick to guarantee a place at this night.  Ahead of the event, here’s a quick insight into the life of one of Loco Dice’s discoveries -tINI.

Can you remember your first ever set?
It’s something I will never forget. My friends and I went to a private party and somehow no one wanted to DJ and they asked me if I want to put some music and I started to mix with the records who were around in that place, I didn’t know any of the songs but the set went pretty amazing and I played seven hours there!

What’s been the most rewarding experience you have had as a DJ?
Two years ago in 2011 Loco Dice took me on my first trip ever to South America.
We went to Equador, Argentina, Brasil and Peru. The people at each party were amazing and so open minded and warm hearted. I felt very blessed to come that far with my passion and job as a DJ.

In terms of production style what have been the biggest influences on your sound?
My dad taught me how to play the drums when I was little. I think I got a good rhythm from him! I listen to a lot of different styles of music there are many influences from Nirvana to Moodymann, Maurizio or Radiohead.

What’s your favourite club to play in?
I love to play in places where you can create atmosphere together with the people. I love to play at Panorama Bar and used to love Fuse – 93 feet east, which unfortunately doesn’t exist any more.

What are your 3 favourite artists at the moment?
ITALOJOHNSON. 3 guys playing back2back2back. Vinyl only. Good music only.

When not in the studio, or playing out what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I love to just hang out with my friends that I hardly see, having dinner with them or whatever. And I love to be out in nature, I love to travel, see new places. I am learning Spanish to go backpacking end of this year somewhere in South America.

Any forthcoming releases or other projects you want to talk to us about?
Next week there is the release of the 5 Years of Desolat – Compilation where you find my track “Room 305”!
I am working on a lot of new tracks, maybe a 2nd album? We will see, but there is definitely more tINI music coming!

What sort of set can we expect from you at our event?
That’s impossible to tell yet as I am always influenced by the crowd, the size of the club, the sound system and the vibe of the night. But it will definitely not be boring and always 100% tINI no matter what.



LWE and Desolat present: SIDEXSIDE
Sat 9th Feb: 10pm – 6am
Shoreditch Warehouse


tINI (Desolat Germany)
Guti live (Desolat Germany)With support from Michael Wells


18+ Please note this event is for over 18s only. Bring valid ID. No Id, no entry.

Advanced tickets– £15 to £20 + BF