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Tobacco Dock – The Great Gallery


Tobacco Dock has quickly become one of the most loved spaces for electronic music fueled escapism in the capital. The combination of it’s amazing architecture that fuses timber, glass, masonry and concrete with an industrial twist makes it like nowhere else. A variety of structures hold together the 3 contrasting dance floors that are interconnected by outside balconies and walkways; allowing you to look down on the central dome. Not forgetting the brickwork tunnel that takes you down to the carnivorous Car Park; a stark contrast to the glass walls wrap you into The Great Wall. Here’s a closer look at The Great Gallery…

Lasers, CO2, lights, screens and LED make this the flagship room for the production side of things, with all of this breathing a fresh new light into the grade 1 listed building. Once you’re in The Great Gallery you’ll find it hard to leave the dancefloor. This will be where Fatboy Slim will perform on 2nd January at Smile High Club…

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