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Tristan Da Cunha Interview


With almost 15 years as part of the 2020 family, Tristan Da Cunha is without doubt one of the staple members of the crew. Having started off as an A&R Tristan is now focusing on his own music, whilst still holding it down for 2020 behind the decks at many of the labels parties. Now working under the other alias Dungeon Meat with his friend Brawther, “It’s objective is to bring the finest club cuts designed to detonate dancefloors”

With an obsessive attention to detail when finding the best in underground dance music, Tristan continues to push the boundaries with DJ sets that ooze with fun.

tristan da cunha

How long have you been part of the 2020 crew for? 

I started working for 2020 when Ralph kindly asked me to get involved in the A&R for the label around 2000. At the time I was playing for BacktoBasics and had a record shop with Ben Brophy and Matt Playford called PlayMusic . I was deeply into the music and the scene at the time which is why Ralph probably asked me to get involved as he knew my nose was always fixed to the ground like a blood hound sniffing for the latest and greatest music. I haven’t been doing any A&R recently as I’ve been focusing on my own music but I’m still honoured to be a 2020 representative on the decks at the parties and on the Content tour. I will always be part of the 2020 family as we have such a strong bond and long history.


If you’re not behind the DJ booth what are you most likely to be doing?

If I’m not on the decks then I’m either usually looking for new and old music, working on my own music and the Dungeon Meat label . Then if its not music it’s probably going to be spending time with my family, cooking tasty treats or tending to my garden where we grow all our vegetables . Cooking is very therapeutic and a good way to switch off from music… Although cooking is just like DJing in my eyes … Instead of listen to this, it’s taste this … Serving up plates instead of slates. My Smeg cooker looks chunky like a Urei rotary mixer so you can often find me swinging off it like Joe Clausell or Theo Parrish.


And what’s been your stand out memory behind the decks?

Way too many to mention and with time comes a haze but I can safely say playing at BacktoBasics , Panorama Bar, Berlin love parade, DC10, Below, The Garden Festival, Argonaughty boat voyages and of course the one and only NYC Downlow and Block 9 at Glastonbury are about as good as it gets . I’m lucky to play at some of the best parties in the world and each year I have new highlights and moments in the sky. Blessed.


Biggest influences on your style, in terms of Djing?

Again so so many… Names you know, names you don’t . Of course there were more in the early days than now but some of the main ones would be Masters At Work, Derrick Carter, Maurice Fulton, Mark Seven,  Lexx, Prosumer, Greg Wilson, Nightmares on Wax , BacktoBasics residents, Sub Club Residents, Mark Farina, Zip, My Love is Underground crew, Slapfunk crew… The list could go on but I think you get the gist. My close friends can often be my favourite DJ’s as well with some serious selections and collections.


What are your top 5 tunes your playing out at the moment?

I’ve never been one to reveal my secret weapons but these are a few that I’m playing a lot right now with a sneaky plug thrown in 🙂

Sundowners – Jungle Line (Dungeon Meat Downlow dub) Classic recs

Point G – The Alarm – Point G 4

Lazar Hoche – Session 2 – Lazar Hoche

The Attendants – hmmm Love (Arturo’s Test)  – Inner Sunset

Konstantine Sibold & Telly – I’m in need (Oracy’s Ancient Technology Dub) – Mojuba


Plans for the rest of the summer?

I’m looking forward to Field Trip festival this weekend with all the northern chapter involved and some hot headliners. Of course the BIG 2020Vision bash at Shoreditch Underground on the bank holiday playing at the Below after party on the same night in Birmingham… Then Dc10 on September 10th for Paradise with my homie Brawther as Dungeon Meat… All the above promise to be really exciting as well as the return of the one and only BacktoBasics with a couple one offs before we open the dream club FIFO where I’ll have my residency back in Leeds which I’ve really missed lately.


If you had any superpower for 24 hours what would it be?

I think it would have to be the power to Fly… I’ve always wanted to have a birds eye view of life and the earth… I’d get to see places I never even knew existed I’d steer clear of the Ukraine flight paths though I think.


Plans for the rest of the year, or any other projects you can tell us about? 

It’s all about focusing on my own music and dungeon meat label / project … It’s been amazing to see the response from everyone , even my inspirations are feeling it and getting in touch buzzing off the output… Anyone who makes music will know what a compliment and encouraging boost that is for me and really motivating to keep up the heat.

Dungeon Meat has some naughty releases to come this year and 2015 with some serious players getting on board … We are also working on the live show to get that to another level as we are always trying to improve and push ourselves . The live show is fairly exclusive , we aren’t looking to do it everywhere that asks us as we are essentially DJ’s and like to play linger than an hour but we are performing a special live show at Below (Birmingham) for their legendary NYD party which I am super excited about .


As for other projects I think it best to mention them when they are ready to be born and set free … I’m sure you’ll be hearing plenty from me in the next year or so keep those noses in the air and ears to the ground .


What are you most looking forward to about playing at the last ever party at Shoreditch Underground?

I’ve never been so I really don’t know what to expect other than that it will be great dancing and playing in such an awesome space. I’m confident with 2020vision taking care of the details it will be nothing short of amazing . I’ve seen some footage and pictures and I must say it looked like it was off the chain… The cannons will be fully loaded for it that’s for sure.


2020Vision Day / Night
Bank Holiday Sunday 24th August 2014
1pm to 6am

2 unique locations:
Outdoor (1pm-9pm) – Shoreditch Underground, Pedley Street; E1 5ER
Indoor (9.30pm-6am) – Factory 7, 13 Hearn Street, EC2A 3LS (only a stone’s throw away!)

Ralph Lawson
Mario Basanov
Krystal Klear
Tristan Da Cunha

Extra info:
-Nighttime venue will be revealed closer to the date.
-Day & Night tickets will guarantee you entry to midnight at the night party.
-Very limited capacity for the daytime event

Day Only 1st Release £15 (1pm – 9pm) – SOLD OUT
Day Only 2nd Release £17.50 (1pm – 9pm) –SOLD OUT
Day Only 3rd Release £20.00 (1pm – 9pm) – SOLD OUT
Day & Night 1st Release – £25 – SOLD OUT
Day & Night 2nd Release – £30 (about to sell out)
Night Only 1st Release – £15 – SOLD OUT
Night Only 2nd Release – £20