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Until the Ribbon Breaks Preview


It usually takes years and years of hard work and struggle for the artist to get noticed and appreciated by wider audience. But now and then we witness the emergence of an exceptional composer who takes the world of music by storm. Pete Lawrie Winfield is one of them.


Coming from musicians’ family, Pete was exposed to sounds of various genres since a very young age. His long-lasting passion for skateboarding shifted his liking towards punk rock and hip hop tunes – an evidence of which can be easily spotted in his music. As he blended it with electronic and alternative sounds, Until The Ribbon Breaks emerged.

The best way to describe what UTRB music is like is the relationship between sound and visual transfer, as the main inspiration is derived from cinematography classic images by David Lynch and other masters. With film being another of Pete’s great passions, it is clear that Until The Ribbon Breaks is Winfield’s most honest and personal message.

Soon after its emergence, UTRB has taken on board two other members, James Gordon and Elliott Wall and the debut EP A Taste of Silver was on the way. Only a year after Winfield released his first track, the guys were on a North America 2013 tour supporting Lorde.


Although Winfield doesn’t base his productions on existing pieces and keeps things fresh and original, UTRB has some serious remixes on their account. These include, as the leader calls them, “reimaginations” of tunes from Sam Smith, London Grammar and The Weeknd.

The guys were very busy over last months, and 2015 brought them another milestone in their fast moving career – the release of debut album, A Lesson Unlearnt. Another one to follow is their 11-date tour, again in North America, this time supporting London Grammar. We have the pleasure to host them in Steelworks in March.