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Wayward Interview


Wayward have really kicked on in 2015, and things are about to get a whole lot better for them as the year progresses! With a live show on the horizon, the guys are also about to embark on a tour of Canada. But first they’ll be playing at our April Mixed show with Cyril Hahn, which is on course to sell out in advance.


Thanks for chatting to us guys. Could you start by briefly introducing yourselves and telling us something we might not know about you?
Hey guys, we’re Lawrence and Louis from north London and we both played football for Arsenal under 10’s back in the day. Lawrence scored the winner against Tottenham under 10’s in 1999.

How did you start producing together?
We started producing together a couple of years ago. We’ve known each other for ages and we were both running a club night up in Leeds and had been discussing working on some tracks for ages. One random blitz day in Leeds we started working on a track which ended up being the first track we released online, Only Flaw.

Some of the tracks on your Ugetsu EP have a beautiful retro feel to them. Where did you get your musical influences from to inspire these kinds of sounds?
A lot of it was from our parents and also both of us being really into Motown and the releases from that era. Artists such as Bill Withers, Bobby Womack and Marvin Gaye have really inspired us.
(Louis) I remember in my teens coming home in the early hours from raving and I couldn’t sleep because my dad was blaring avant-garde jazz at 8am. At the time I hated it. Now I am begging him to teach me.
The retro feel comes from sampling a lot of his old records and also our own production techniques.

How have you found the experience of working the likes Black Butter, and have you got plans to do more with them in the future?
Working with Black Butter has been a great experience. We’re pretty different to some of the other stuff on the label, but what makes Black Butter interesting is it’s diversity. It bridges gaps between chart music, club music and band music in a really interesting way so it’s been fun to be involved with them! We’re currently touring the states with them and have a couple sick shows penned in this year with them.

Let’s talk about shows. Tell us a little about the gig that stands out the most in your memories – for good or bad reasons.
Bestival has and always will be special for us. We’ve both been to the festival now for 8 years in a row and played as Wayward the last two years to a great reception. I suppose what has made it special is going as a punter at first and dreaming of playing there to it actually becoming a reality. It’s definitely our favourite festival and is always a pleasure to play there.

We hear you are working on a new live show. What sort of set up will that be kit wise? Can you tell us a little more about that?
We’re making a conscious effort to try and do as much as we possibly can live, which will no doubt end up making the challenge even harder! We can’t help but feel it’s incredibly boring watching someone billed as a ‘live’ set up and all they’re operating is an ableton controller. We’ve got sample pads, bass guitars, horns, live vocals, keys and hopefully some other interesting stuff thrown in as we work it out. Really excited for our first live shows!

And finally, what does the rest of 2015 hold for Wayward?
This year has been nuts so far. Coming out to play shows in the US and Canada has been the perfect start to 2015, having inspired us to work incredibly hard at what we’re doing to make sure we can get out to more places and play more shows for people around the world. We’re anticipating 2 EPs this year, one of which is close to being finished. Hopefully 2015 holds us building on what we were trying to do with the Ugetsu EP, sticking to our guns and making music that we like and hopefully other people like too!

Listen to the Ugetsu EP here:

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