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William Kouam Djoko Talks Tuskegee


William Kouam Djoko talks about Tuskegee and the five things that he loves about it the most. William talks about what this term means to him and how it represents his heritage and future. The label creates by Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers was inspired by their love of 90s house and paradise garage. Also named Tuskegee the label aims to showcase a more black and latino perspective on 90s music, and William is an artist who is part of the crew. Here are the 5 things he loves the most about this culture.

William Kuoam Djoko Talks Tuskegee

Embracing differences, instead of just magnifying them.

When I think of Tuskegee and it’s philosophy I get a sense of empowerment. I think a lot about social issues and the ones that I have internally being mixed race myself. Just stating “We are all the same and we should NOT look our differences” is a very nice positive thought, but in my opinion it diminishes the need to really look at what sets us apart from time to time. Only to come back to realise that we as a society have more in common, because we do have differences… If that makes sense.

African prints and rightly coloured futuristic clothing

For a lot of us clothing is an essential part of determining your identity, it’s kind of like your social fingerprint these days. African prints remind me of my cultural background while incorporating that with modern day forms and styles.

Late night sturdy conversations.

I got into some real heavy duty talks with close friends and family, because of the name and thoughts behind Tuskegee. Which in my mind is a great thing. Combine the party side of this business with some actual meaningful conversations with your loved ones.

Eddy Murphy’s Delirious show.

I can honestly not say how much I’ve watched this show exactly, but it must be close to 30x. The way he walks, talks, dresses and addresses things on stage are both hilarious and insightful at the same time. Just how see the vibe that surrounds the crew of Tuskegee.

Jerked chicken. Or eating any chicken for that matter

Some stereotypes just add up.


William Kuoam Djoko