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Yussef Kamaal Trio


Yussef Kamaal Trio is a three piece band hailing from South London’s creative hub Peckham. Pulled together by Henry Wu, the band is an expression of his, his mates and his labels mixed concoction of sounds. Henry is a direct descendent of the Wu dynasty from the 12th or 13th century, and with his mother being from Taiwan his mindset blends the forward-facing creativity of Japan and China’s traditional culture.  This is also represented in his music which nods to oriental sounds, and bringing in the UK environment which he grew up in. With garage, grime and other urban UK sounds being a big part of his musical upbringing, their style travels through a whole myriad of sounds.

The worldwide…

Catch Yussef Kamaal Trio at Bonobo Presents Outlier this weekend.