In the following Terms and Conditions:

‘LWE’ relates to LWE which is a trading name of A Man About A Dog Limited, a company registered at Unit A, 24-30 Assembly Passage, London E1 4UT.

‘Event’ relates to any event promoted by LWE.

‘Venue’ relates to any venue LWE holds an Event in.

‘Customer’ relates to anyone who purchases a ticket to any Event promoted by LWE.

The below Terms & Conditions apply to all Events promoted by LWE.

By purchasing a ticket to an Event you agree to these Terms & Conditions.



  1. Valid, in-date passport
  2. Driving license
  3. Home Office approved or proof of age ID card that displays the pass hologram
  4. National ID card that displays the pass hologram


Please check last entry times for each show individually as this varies from venue to venue.



LWE reserves the right to prohibit any item or goods within our venue, including, but not limited to:









By purchasing a ticket to an Event the Customer gives consent for their e-mail address to be added to LWE database.



These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without notification. It is Customer’s responsibility to check this webpage regularly for any potential changes made.



To enquire about lost property please fill out this form ensuring you provide as much information as possible - Bit.ly/lwelostproperty

Please note there is always a large influx of enquiries following our shows - particularly our larger ones. We are monitoring all of the submissions and will endeavour to have your enquiry addressed as soon as possible.

If we have your item, we will contact you to try to arrange for you to collect it. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks of the event please assume that unfortunately, we do not have your item.

AMAAD keeps lost property for 4 weeks after each show. We check this form daily during working days following the show. If your item is found, then we will email you asap.

All cards and mobile phones are disposed of, clothes etc are donated to charity, and passports will be returned to HM Passport Office.

AMAAD Ltd (t/a LWE) accepts no responsibility for private property including accepting any liability should lost property be returned for any reason to someone who is not its owner e.g. if someone makes a false representation to the management or staff of ownership of property. AMAAD Ltd has no general duty to deal with found property and, in particular, has no legal obligation to collect found goods.

AMAAD Ltd only accepts responsibility for items lost, found and brought to the Information Point during an event or item/s found post-event onsite by one of its staff or agents.

AMAAD Ltd accepts no responsibility for item/s that have been arranged by a person who lost and a person who found to be returned to the Information Point but have not arrived at the Information Point.

Event staff are advised to return found items to the Information Point during the event or Production Office, if found post event. All lost property collected during or post event is usually returned to AMAAD Ltd office within a week from an event. 

Should a staff member and a person who lost an item choose to arrange return between themselves and fail, AMAAD Ltd accepts no responsibility for such arrangements.

Contact details for lost property are provided on every event website as well as above. All emails are responded to as soon as possible, however, considering the number of emails regarding lost property received after every event, AMAAD Ltd may not be able to respond instantly. 

Property that is lost and found during events will be kept for a period of 4 weeks, after which it will be disposed of.

In order for a property to be reclaimed, a detailed description of the item/s and/or proof of ID (identity) is necessary.

Whilst every effort will be made to identify the possible owner of lost property (which is likely to involve searching of the item/s and then make contact with them, AMAAD Ltd will not return the property to that person unless they provide the details set out in the previous paragraph.

AMAAD Ltd will not mail/courier or insure during transit any reclaimed property back to the presumed owner unless they send the appropriate fees to cover packing and postage, and any insurance during transit stipulated by the claimant. All items are sent at owner’s risk. 

Note AMAAD Ltd will NOT automatically arrange insurance during transit. Insurance during transit will only be arranged if it is specifically requested in writing at the time of reclaiming found property – and then AMAAD Ltd will only arrange the insurance that is made available as “standard” by the carrier chosen by AMAAD Ltd. AMAAD Ltd will not be liable for the suitability of the insurance, and for the value stated in writing by the person claiming the property.



Should you have any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions please get in touch through info@lwe.events



Competition details form part of these terms and conditions