Magazine London - Customer Key Info


14:00 – 22:00
Last entry is at 17:00

Venue Address

11 Ordnance Crescent
Greenwich Peninsula
London, SE10 0JH

Drop Off

If you are getting dropped off please use the dedicated drop off point located on Drawdock Rd, SE10 0JH.

Pick Up

If you are getting picked up by a private hire vehicle, including Uber, please use the designated pick up point on Drawdock Rd, SE10 0JH. There will also be a taxi rank outside the venue on Tunnel Avenue.

For further information on how to get to Magazine please click here.

Respect the local area

Please do not consume alcohol in the public areas surrounding Magazine London. Anyone found to be engaging in anti-social behaviour such as public urination, littering and shouting whilst traveling to the venue may be denied entry and will not be refunded the price of their ticket.

Arrival information

We are a large venue with a vast number of people arriving, often in a short period of time. For the safety of our customers we conduct thorough searches on arrival. We therefore ask that you arrive at the venue early and allow for any queues getting into the venue. Our busiest time is always the time of last entry.

No ID, no entry. Everyone who enters the venue must be over 18. We operate a challenge 25 policy; meaning anyone believed to be under the age of 25 will be asked to prove their age. We accept a valid passport, foreign national ID cards, driving licenses or home office approved PASS hologram as identification and/or proof of age.

We operate a strict ‘NO RE-ENTRY’ policy.

Ticket Scanning

All tickets will be checked and scanned on entry. Please be aware of people trying to sell fake tickets via third party websites such as Ticketswap and Facebook. We cannot let you in if you have a counterfeit ticket.

There will be a late arrival fee of £15 for any time restricted ticket holders arriving after their allocated time.

There will be tickets available on the door for £40 and can be paid for with card or contactless only.

Admissions policy

Magazine London has a zero-tolerance policy in respect of illegal substances and new psychoactive substances. We will refuse admission or eject patrons for any behaviour which breaches this policy and shall be entitled to take all reasonable measures to ensure compliance with the policy.

Prohibited Items

You are not permitted to bring food, liquids (including perfume bottles) or chewing gum to the venue. For a full list of our prohibited items please read our Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to confiscate any prohibited item.

If you need to bring any medicine or medical equipment on site, this will need to be booked and approved with us in advance of the show. Please email info@lwe.events with you request.

Inside the venue

Our bars only accept cards, Apple Pay and Android.

Food will be on offer from Only Jerking and The Green Grill. There will be vegan and vegetarian options available.

If it’s unwanted, it is harassment. If someone or something is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable then report it to any member of staff. You can ask for Angela or explain the problem and they will help you. More info on the Ask Angela campaign here

If at any time you feel unwell or need assistance, please make yourself known to one of our team located throughout the venue. Free tap water is available at every bar.

We advise against standing directly in front of the speakers which are placed throughout the space. Ear plugs are available at all bars for free.

There will be a cloakroom available which is priced at £4 per item.

Please keep your valuables safe! Unfortunately, thieves and pickpockets operate in London venues. If you have been a victim of theft or you find a lost item, please head to the cloakroom for assistance. After the event log lost items here: http://bit.ly/lwelostproperty .This form is the only way we process lost property. We will reunite you with your item, should we have found it, via the information you provide in the form.

Lost property is stored for 4 weeks from the event date.

If you require accessibility assistance to or within the venue or have any other requirements, please contact us in advance at info@lwe.events

Further information

Should there be any event changes such as opening times or artists we will do our best to notify you in advance. Please also keep up to date with news and changes via our social media channels.

Magazine London reserves the right to change the bill or artist running times without prior notice. Should the event be solely one headlining act then circumstances surrounding ticket refunds will be the same as an event cancellation. In the event of cancellation of a ticket Magazine London, our responsibility for the refund is limited to the face value of the ticket only (and not the booking fee).

You can find all our terms and conditions here.