At Home With LWE: 1st April, 2020

Wed 1st Apr

April’s first serving of the At Home With LWE pick n’ mix is here. A glide through the old school and the new school, from funk-ridden disco house to warped penetrating techno, today’s selection features the likes of Eclair Fifi, Gilles Peterson, Charlotte De Witte, Roman Flügel, Kamikaze Space Programme and more.

Eclair Fifi - Love Letter To Italy

Scottish producer, DJ, illustrator, designer and all round renaissance woman, there’s few humans on this planet who have their fingers in as many pots as Eclair Fifi. Starting out in the early rave and pirate radio scene of the 90s, the LuckyMe mainstay is a cherished cornerstone of today’s music culture who continues to educate us all with her eclectic taste. In a time when Italy needs our support the most, here is a beautifully crafted sonic love letter, Italo disco style.

Gilles Peterson - Worldwide Vol.1 Mix

Another polymath who has been around the music circles since the beginning. Founder of Brownswood Recordings, Worldwide FM and We Out Here Festival, Gilles Peterson lives in the world of acid jazz, psychedelic funk and electronic soul. Here he is in 2000, delivering over an hour of timeless tidy grooves.

Charlotte De Witte - LWE Mix

Our daily pick of mixes wouldn’t be complete without a serving of thumping techno. Today’s LWE mix is courtesy of Belgian stewart Charlotte De Witte. Known for her unapologetic blitz of earth shaking, rave infused, raw techno, here is the KNTXT label founder with another masterclass.

Roman Flügel - Wood & Neon

From italo disco inspired house, chugging new wave and ebm, atmospheric ambient pieces, stripped back minimal cuts and driving techno hits, Roman Flügel is a name that lives at the forefront of many music genres. A true free-flowing intellectual, he recently revealed a stunning sun kissed EP on Running Back Records that will live long in the treasured summer playlist folder. One of our favourites is this funky gentle acid groover that yearns for a custom sound system, sandy beach stage and some crashing blue waves in the distance. ION Festival anyone?

Kamikaze Space Programme - Rover

For today’s office pick we dive into the trippy world of electronic renegade Kamikaze Space Programme. Combining influences from the worlds of dubstep, drum and bass and industrial, the British rebel export lands in a very unique lane of techno. One of our favourites is Rover, a steady warehouse clanking churner with a Deep Medi-like stomach twisting kick.

Soul On Wheels:
How Music For The Roller Rink Impacted The Club

To most, roller rink discos are a nostalgic distant memory of the 70s and 80 however, you might be surprised they still exist in small pockets of the world. None more so than Moodyman’s iconic yearly Soul Skate gathering in Detroit. A 5 day celebration of all things funk, disco and soul. Learn more about this ongoing tradition in the Resident Advisor feature here.

Sound of Berlin Documentary

Oftentimes we hear Berlin referred to as the capital of electronic music, the mecca of underground club culture and the hub of creativity. Drawing artists from across the globe, leaving everything behind without a penny to their name in the hope of making it in the big city. Much like LA was at the height of Hollywood, there’s a strange allure and energy the seeps out of the enigmatic city, impulsing onlookers and entrapping passers by. Find out more about the sound of Berlin in this stunning documentary.