Mon 1st Jun

Kicking off the week with a fresh supply of sonic treats, Monday’s At Home With selection features the likes of Daniel Avery, Roza Terenzi, Henning Baer, D. Tiffany, Skins and more.

Roza Terenzi - HÖR

Leading the charge of Melbourne's exciting new wave of dynamic music talents, Roza Terenzi recently stepped into the booth for famed Berlin online platform HÖR. Showcasing yet again why she’s the one to watch, the revered Ozzie selector laid down some serious cosmic mischief.

Daniel Avery - Mixmag Mix

One of the flag bearers of the UK’s modern genre twisting electronic movement, Daniel Avery has been challenging perceptions and leaving listeners gobstruck since bursting onto the scene nearly a decade ago. Fusing the full spectrum of house and techno, here is his legendary mix for Mixmag a few years back. A long term Junction 2 favourite, he will be joining our concept virtual world on 6th June with an exclusive set at The Vault stage.

D. Tiffany - Cruel Trance

AMontreal based, D. Tiffany's varied background is an apt counterpart to the volatile, versatile music she plays. Recently appearing on LKR Records, the B-side of her release features this standout deep hypnotic trip of percussion driven warping squiggles.

Henning Baer - Burning Chrome

A pivot of the new age Berlin scene and notorious party starter, Henning Baer has had some of the most distinguished releases of the last decade. From his debut Going Forward EP with Milton Bradley to his latest releases on his own MANHIGH imprint, a distinctly rugged analog sonic footprint has followed every production. One of our favourites is this piercing, low end chugger named Burning Chrome.

Henning Baer · Burning Chrome

An Interview: Skins

Another touted talent on the rise, Skins is a Leeds based DJ, producer and staple of the city’s exciting DIY party scene. Pushing a sound that ranges from dubby techno to gentle drum and bass, his productions often carry a distinguished undertone of lush evolving soundscapes. In a recent interview with Mantissa, Skins talks about his early influences, production process and self releasing records.

This Is The End: The Club That Changed London

One of the most iconic clubs to have ever been open, The End was an instrumental part of the early London underground scene. Founded by Layo and Mr. C, the hub was a raving institution for the likes of Andy C, Fatboy Slim, Erol Alkan and countless other dance music pioneers. Having run for 14 years since opening in 1995, DJ Mag revisited the club’s rich history ahead of the final closing party.