At Home With LWE: 2nd October - Nikki Nair Takeover

Fri 2nd Oct

Taking over today’s At Home With blog is streaking newcomer, Nikki Nair. Pushing a bass-heavy, UK influenced sound, the Knoxville local has been putting the industry on notice with a string of off-kilter, leftfield dancefloor bombs for the likes of Banoffee Pies, Gobstopper and Scuffed Records.

Celebrating his latest release on Dirtybird’s Couch Out V/A, out today, Nikki Nair takes us for a trip through some of his favourite picks, past and present, featuring Dieselboy, Alex Falk, Fracture & Neptune, Mr. ‘De, and more.

Alex Falk - Fresh Kicks Mix

This mix reflects the regional music scene in which I exist. Alex himself is an important part of the musical landscape of the southeastern US and someone I throw events with. The mix also features many regional artists and friends.

djmag · Fresh Kicks 143: Alex Falk

Dieselboy - Jan ‘05 Studio Mix

When I downloaded this mix in 2005 and burned it to CD, it was labeled ‘January 2005 Studio mix.’ I think I’ve listened to this CD more than any other piece of music I possess. At multiple stages of my life, there were months of having only this in my cd player. I still put it on when I'm looking for inspiration.

Nikki Nair - As If It Were Still

I released this track this year on a label called Muy Muy Limited. I think it came out right before the lockdown was about to start, and kind of reflects what happened this year— life is paused, but everything is still rushing by.

Mr. ‘De - 2010 A Space Odyssey

I found this track the first time I went to the Submerged store in Detroit. It just feels so delicate and alive.

Dawn by Octavia Butler

Maybe the aliens can fix us.

Fracture & Neptune building a bass line from scratch

I think the thing to get out of this video should not be, ‘I need an EMU sampler and a mackie.’ It’s the way of thinking about waves.