Wed 4th Nov

In today’s At Home With takeover we take a trip into the world of Bassiani resident, label boss and pioneering figure of the Georgian underground scene, Newa.

Having started off as a classically trained musician, Newa’s unique ability to deliver huge, emotion-packed techno through an intricately complex yet minimal approach has seen her land a number of coveted dancefloor gems for the likes of Klockworks, Semantica and Arsenik. At the forefront of the ongoing fight for more acceptance, tolerance and freedom in Georgia’s fledgling club culture, Newa is also leading the charge in bringing international eyes on the country's talented producer hotbed through her influential label, Icontrax.

Featured in her picks are CEM, Ben Klock, Jon Hester, M*A*S*S*H, Planetary Assault Systems, Terence McKenna and more.

Newa - Awakenings Podcast

My latest mix for awakenings is a mixture of emotions I'm feeling right now and I tried to put them all together in one hour. There’s a lot of unreleased and upcoming music mixed with classics: music from the past, the present and the future.

CEM - RinseFM Mix

CEM’s mix had an inspirational effect on me. I always try listening to innovators and thinkers. whenever you listen to this mix it makes you think. That's very important for me and how I teach myself empathy and understanding. I love to dig deeper into people’s minds to understand mine better. This mix is an atmospheric glimpse into CEM’s mind and it gave me a lot of inspiration.

Ben Klock - Fact Mix

Why did I choose this mix? It got older like a fine wine and was one of the first times I listened to Ben Klock. he's a master of the trip and still unknown territory for me and still to explore even in 2020. it’s done masterfully, takes you to another dimension with a glimpse of reality check at some points. deeply melodic and sexy .

Fact Magazine · FACT Mix 470 – Ben Klock (Nov '14)

Jon Hester - Converge Part I (Rekids)

The converge album is a pretty good example how thinkers approach music. It's not all about the hard kick bass. a hard kick bass is easy, the challenge is trying to put emotions and soul into the creations you made. Jon is a very talented musician. You need to check out his new EP on Rekids and discover some addictive tunes by him.

REKIDS · Jon Hester - Converge Part I

M*A*S*S*H - I Can See (!Hype)

The experimental electronic figures Wolfgang Voigt (aka Gas, co-founder of the german label Kompakt) and Jörg Burger (aka the Modernist) have long collaborated as a duo under so many names but this release is very special for me as i was approaching time whenever i wanted to mix techno with some other genres which are closely related to it. I've been playing this track since then.

Planetary Assault Systems - The Messenger

Luke Slater’s PAS sound mesmerizing, intense, trippy and tickle your brain. Pure, entry point, classic!

PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story is a book by Dr. Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin

This is a love story and a chemical romance. The love story is not only a romance as it involves psychedelic drug use and their journey with it.

Terence McKenna's Final Interview

Terence was an inspirational person for me. as mentioned I can be blown away by people’s minds. I get inspiration from them. This interview made me think of so many things that are happening around us. That magic which is unfolding everyday in front of our eyes called life. The interview from 1998 is still relevant in 2020 as he was ahead of his time. listening to smart people doesn't mean you have to make them your gods. It means you can improve your thinking. That's why I'm sharing it with you.