At Home With LWE: 7th October - T-N Takeover

Wed 7th Oct

T-N here, showing you through some of my favourites today. Got a bit of a global selection, hope you enjoy!

C.FRIM: Shakedown on Skylab Radio

C.FRIM is a local legend here in Naarm (Melbourne) and she has just started a radio show on Skylab called 'Shakedown' which she describes as "an ode to Blackness. For the first instalment, prepare yourself for two hours of expertly selected bass, trap, baile funk and gqom." This debut show definitely does what it says on the tin - big vibes throughout! I also love listening to DJs mix on radio and hearing them get hyped over their favourite tracks. Tune into this one.

Sippin’ T - Boiler Room London

This mix is a classic for me, and one I frequently return to. It was one of the last gigs I went to before leaving London last year and the energy in the room was immaculate. I feel so lucky to have gone to some incredible queer POC led parties in London, and rewatching this set reminds me to appreciate those experiences because events like that aren't as common when living in other cities.

FAUZIA - are you hoping for a miracle?

FAUZIA! Everything she's released this year has been incredible and this EP is no different. Absolutely love the last track, so beautiful and aquatic.

Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier

This EP is a classic and probably my favourite UR release. I love the title track so much, with it’s squelchy synth line and ominous chorus in the back. Also love the percussion and deep bass line on ‘Base Camp Alpha 808’. A masterpiece.

The Importance Of A Song Like ‘Body Count’ For African Women

I love The Native. They’re a magazine that publish content revolving around creatives from the African continent and they have so many talented African writers writing for them. In this article, Damilola Animashaun does a great job of looking into one of my favourite tracks ‘Body Count’ and examines why it’s so powerful for African women.

HÖR Talks Invites - Room 2 with Sarah Farina, Juba & Kerstin Meißner

I've been listening to a lot of Juba's radio shows and talks lately. She always offers a really insightful perspective and I'm so glad to see her doing more talks and panels - I’d highly recommend checking them out. In this episode of HÖR talks, Juba, Sarah Farina and Kerstin Meißner play some music and talk about politics in dance music, Black Lives Matter and racism in the European context.