At Home With LWE: 9th November - Alexis Takeover

Mon 9th Nov

Taking over today’s At Home With blog is DJ, producer and Noods Radio regular, Alexis

Having honed her craft as an assistant and resident at Peckham’s Balamii Radio, Alexis made the jump onto the club circuit where she has since supported the likes of Four Tet, Objekt and Courtesy at some of the UK's top underground institutions. Touted for her bold, dancefloor-driven sets, the London-local’s experimental edge is carried through in her productions where she continues to impress with a string of recent hit releases for the likes of Accidental Meetings, Left, Right & Centre and All Centre.

Alexis’ selection of picks include Ploy, Ben UFO, Kelly Lee Owens, The System, Objekt and Tears for Fears.

Ploy - Dekmantel Podcast

This mix is so dynamic, diverse and groovy. The flow of the mix is just perfect too, with it slowing at the end, feels like the end of a party in the best way possible.

dekmantel · Dekmantel Podcast 302 - Ploy

Ben UFO - Boiler Room x Dekmantel Mix

This mix makes me jump up and wanna dance everytime I hear it, it's just the best in my opinion, so varied but so fluid ! Listening makes me miss clubs more than ever.

Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

Just a beautiful record, I really love how kind of genre-defying it is.

The System - The System EP

I've written about this EP before, and I don't know why but there's just something about it that mesmerizes me. It's so gorgeous.

The art of DJing: Objekt

Im sure a lot of people have read this already, but I found it extremely useful and inspiring. Learning about Objekt's approach to DJig was fascinating, even down to how he organises his USBs lol. Leading on from that I found reading Objekt's production manual super helpful!

Tears for Fears: Songs from the Big Chair

I watched this the other day, I love Tears for Fears and I found it so so inspiring. It made me so excited about making music and just kinda optimistic about the music world at the moment!