10 Questions with BEC

Wed 25th Sep

Ahead of her set at Tobacco Dock for Drumcode Halloween, BEC has kindly provided us with an amazing mix of techno bangers, as well as answered a few questions we had regarding her musical inspirations, her formative years, and much more.

1. To start things off, can you tell us how you became a DJ?

I’ve always been so absorbed by music. I had a collection of around 10,000 tracks and a nerdy knowledge base ranging from classic oldies to brand new stuff. A close friend of mine suggested that I should start DJing. When I picked up my headphones I caught the bug and couldn’t put them down. I then took a six month electronic music production course and since then have definitely put my hours in Ableton to get to where I am now! Things really took off when I met Pan-Pot at an LWE event in 2014. They told me they were just about to start a label, Second State and asked me to send music their way. Our relationship sparked, they loved what I sent them and soon enough I spontaneously moved over to Berlin to pursue my career in music.

2. How would you best describe your sound? Which DJs/bands/artists have most inspired you?

Techno with a twist. Balancing hypnotic, driving elements with atypical flourishes. 130 bpm. 

I’m into a very wide range of music and artists from all kinds of genres have inspired me from more ambient and experimental artists such as Hiroshi Yoshimura, Brian Eno, AFX & Alva Noto to rock like Mogwai and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Terry Riley, Boards Of Canada, Dead Can Dance, Múm… the list goes on!

If we’re talking techno then my top inspirations are Future Sounds Of London, Luke Slater, Chris Liebing, DJ Bone, Nico, Awex..

3. You’ve obviously garnered lots of success in recent times, playing innumerous shows across the globe. Which country would you say is your favourite to play at?

That’s a hard one! It’s so difficult to pinpoint one country. But if I had to narrow it down I’d say Colombia. There is such a vibe. People are so friendly and their energy is just mad! Never had such a crazy crowd, every single time I visit. Of course it’s always amazing to play in England too, as my home country I always have close friends or family that join me, and that means I can really have some fun!

4. You were born in quirky little Brighton, and have lived in metropolises such as London and Berlin. Have these places influenced you in any way, and if so, is there anything these places have taught you musically?

For sure. They’ve influenced me no end! I actually grew up in a tiny coastal village 30 minutes drive from Brighton. Having the best of both worlds, surrounded by countryside and nature, but still being close enough to reach the buzz of a city. I used to go to illegal raves in Brighton, street parties and always made sure I was on Brighton beach when Fatboy slim played for Gay Pride, which was just amazing! 

My move to London threw me into the music scene even deeper. Attending a range of events that led me to concentrate my love into Techno. Berlin took me on a journey through the underground scene, experiencing a nightlife culture where music is always the primary reason for people going out. Seeing people dancing in rows, waking up at all hours to go and see their favourite DJ, raving on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t until I was in Berlin in the midst of the deep scene that I really put in extensive hours in the studio as I was so inspired.

5. You’ll play with the Drumcode roster a few times this year, and your tracks have been supported various times by them. How did that relationship spark?

I met Adam Beyer at Sonar festival in Barcelona a few years ago. We got on really well and I have been sending music his way ever since. He actually signed one track of mine two years ago now which is still upcoming! It wasn’t until earlier this year that he expressed his interest to support me more heavily and have me onboard as a core member of the Drumcode family. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it :). 

6. On your return to London for Drumcode Halloween, what are you most looking forward to? Any cool spots you’d recommend?

I really am sooo excited for this one! I used to attend this event with friends so we will definitely be coming in a big crew. But as for London in general, I will mainly be hanging around Haggerston / East London where my sister lives. Some of my favourite London hangouts are Shoreditch house, Broadway Market (more specifically the Cat and Mutton pub on Broadway) and Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown.

7. This will be your second time playing at Tobacco Dock. What can you say about the venue? 

I played for LEAF in 2015 at Tobacco Dock. I played in the car park on this occasion too! It’s definitely my favorite room in the venue! It feels like some of my fav underground spots in Berlin. Dark, gritty and concrete. I’ve been attending Drumcode Halloween as a raver for years, so it will feel especially special to finally play for this event! I love the spirit of Halloween in London and how everyone makes such an effort with costumes.

8. Is there anything you can let off ahead of your set at Drumcode Halloween? What can we expect?

You can expect me to play lots of new goodies I’ve been working on in the studio. I’ll definitely drop the track that’s coming on the DC a-sides compilation and perhaps give a sneak peak of what else is to come on Drumcode! I’ll be dressed in a very theme fitting outfit too. I love to dress up, hence why I’ve been to Burning Man 7 times! But unfortunately I’ll have to leave swiftly because I have a show in Porto, Portugal during the night time. 

9. With the recent success you’ve witnessed recently, what can we expect in the near future from you? Any upcoming releases?

Yes! After a whole year going crazy in the studio I’m now sitting on a catalogue of unreleased music that I will be feeding out in the coming year. I have an upcoming track on the Drumcode a-sides end of September. This will be my first outing on Drumcode, but expect many ;). I also have a four track EP coming on Second State early November. 

10. Lastly, if you had to give any advice to any upcoming DJ, what would it be?

Being a DJ is a real rollercoaster. No one in this industry hasn’t suffered a lot of down moments. But it’s about believing in yourself more than ever in these moments, and staying positive. And above that, not listening to too many opinions that you’ll get swamped with, learning to listen to your inner voice. I believe in the power of manifestation, so be sure to plant your thoughts right at the top, aim for the highest point you can possibly imagine, and work your arse off to get there!