At Home With LWE: 11th May - Max Cooper Takeover

Mon 11th May

Taking over Monday’s At Home With selections is leading experimentalist, Max Cooper. An incomparable in today’s vast music scene, the Mesh label boss fuses the worlds of sound, visuals and science into a truly unique, transcending sensory experience.

Fresh off the release of the first single, Two Pages, from the upcoming Glassforms album with pianist Bruce Brubaker, Max Cooper dishes out some of his favorite picks, releases and more.

Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper - Two Pages

10 minutes of hypnotic minimalist Glass epic with this one, no beats included. It's a project I've been working on with the pianist Bruce Brubaker, live reworking Philip Glass pieces. We recorded the first show at the Philharmonie in Paris and have made a record for Infine, coming out very soon. Some reflective home listening, hopefully. You can preorder the album here.

Voltereta - Mesh Series Mix

A beautiful melodic and varied mix from a new artist discovery, who recently released their first album.

Ochre - Live at Prototype

I cained this mix when I first got hold of it in 2007, and listening again, it's still tight, beautiful complex percs and rich melodies throughout. Ochre is awesome.

Aphrodite & Micky Finn - Bad Ass !

Killing it since 1997. I bet it still puts a smile on your face and makes you want to go out for a "large one".

The Nature of Nature

I work with a lot of science related visual content for my videos and live shows, and sometimes these projects lead me on strange journeys down the rabbit hole. I've written some of the more interesting ones up as short essays, like this delve into the deep structure of nature.

Lockdown AV Session

I had a go at bringing my audio-visual show to my little studio room, along with some synth jams and new bits of music I've been working on recently. Hopefully something in there you'll enjoy.

For more on Max Cooper visit his website or find him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.