At Home With LWE: 14th April, 2020

Tue 14th Apr

Our regular Easter weekend outing at Tobacco Dock was sorely missed, but it was great to see that the LWE family spirit lives strong at home. To get you settled back into your daily routine, we’ve handpicked a special selection of mixes, releases and more from the likes of Julius Mott, Roza Terenzi, Dixon, Ellen Allien and Eris Drew.

Julius Mott - Ashtray Monuments Mix

With the amount of live streams and new mixes popping up in these strange times, we’re almost spoilt for choice. But, as is often the case with festival and club lineups, it’s easy to give your attention to the headline names who’ve been around the circuits for a while, knowing you’ll be satisfied with their trusted selections. Sometimes, however, en route to the big show you wander into a small, off-placed tent where the music grips you far more than you had ever expected. Seduced by the gold thumping out of the speakers, you end up staying for the entirety of the set without the slightest inkling as to who’s the mastermind behind the decks. With this in mind, for today’s pick we’ve gone with Julius Mott, a lesser known, up and coming Hannover standout who recently pushed out this hour long mix of laid back, jazz infused, broken-house ear nectar. A perfect warm up to the day after the long indulgent weekend.

Dixon - Boiler Room x Dekmantel Mix

Molded and shaped by Berlin’s fierce underground scene since the 90s, Dixon is a true pivot of modern dance music. A rare breed able to sit atop the biggest billboards yet still command the respect of the deepest underground dwellers. His unfound ability to surrender you to the sonic voyage of melodic bliss is like a hypnotising warp through time that brushes by like a distant memory, hazy and dreamlike. Here is the Innervisions boss delivering one of his iconic, transcending sets for Boiler Room, from the suitably fitting ancient monastery of El Poble Espanyol, Barcelona.

Roza Terenzi - That Track

An otherworldly dreamer from the land down under, Roza Terenzi has been making intercontinental waves ever since her debut EP back in 2017. A constant purveyor of cosmic acid-laced euphoria, the Melbourne standout makes her much anticipated debut on Planet Euphorique this Friday, April 17th. Taken from the Modern Bliss album is this infectious, trap-fused, club ready fireball named That Track.

Ellen Allien - Its

The face of progressive, melodic, emotionally-charged techno, Ellen Allien’’s influence on today’s music world is far-reaching and ever present. Unafraid to experiment and push the boundaries, The BPitch Control label-head holds a long list of some of the most memorable releases of the past few decades, such as Berlinette, Jet and Ufo, if we were to name a few. Among these experimentations are a few low key, abstract, minimal techno groovers such as Its. A perfect representation of the weird and trippy European underground wave of the 2000s.

The Secret Gangland History Of The Haçienda Nightclub

We often romanticise about the iconic parties of the 80s and 90s while completely glossing over some of the more disturbing behind the scenes truths. While it’s easy to lay blame on the police for shutting down favoured clubs and musical gatherings, oftentime, it really was in the interest of public safety, as cheesy and unrebellious as that quote may sound. Clublife, especially in the wild west days of the early 90s, brought about a heaving market for gangs to profit on. And where there are gangs, there are turf wars, guns, violence, racketeering, extortion, and worse. Such was the tragic case of Manchester’s legendary Hacienda Nightclub. Read more about the less remembered gangland history in the intriguing Vice write up here.

Eris In Wonderland

While recreational drug use is becoming a lot more widely accepted in recent times, it is a phenomena that has been documented since the early beginnings of man. From psychedelic references in the early caveman paintings, to the psychoactive Soma drink of ancient India, Kykeon of ancient Greece, Blue Lotus of ancient Egypt, mescaline use of Native Americans as well as the ever-present ayahuasca ceremonies of Peru. The psychedelic world is merely a recent re-discovery of the Western World. While it’s uses remain largely illegal and ill advised for people with underlying mental conditions, more and more key figures of today are speaking out about the benefits of seeing the world through a different lens. Here is how Eris Drew finds creative inspiration from psilocybin use.