At Home With LWE: 14th October - Charly Schaller Takeover

Wed 14th Oct

Taking over today’s At Home With blog is Berlin based DJ, promoter and recent We Are The Brave debutant, Charly Schaller. Showcasing an eclectic selection that goes beyond the dancefloor, her pick of mixes, releases and more include Jawbreakers, Pink Floyd, Quincy Jones as well as some recent standouts from herself.

Charly Schaller - HÖR Mix

I was super excited to get the chance to play a second time on Hör radio after the first time was such a great experience. I think the guys from Hör are doing a really great and important job as they are giving artists a platform to express themselves and connect with the scene at these difficult time. I really miss playing for a crowd and especially the interaction with the people, which gives me so much energy and inspiration. I’m sure all the ravers feel the same. After my Hör set, I went through all the nice comments and feedback and received many personal messages from people across the world who had watched the stream. Really was a ray of hope at these difficult times.

Jawbreakers (JKS & Mayeul) - Boiler Room Live Set

This is a live set by JKS and Mayeul aka Jawbreakers at the infamous Possession party. There is a recording on Soundcloud as well, but I recommend watching it on Youtube to see the energy of the artists and the crowd which really gives me goosebumps. I simply love this set and have watched and listened to it many times.

Charly Schaller - Moonshine

Moonshine was my first release and I’m super proud that it found it’s home on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We are the Brave label.

When creating Moonshine I pictured myself dancing at a festival in the early morning at a time when the sun slowly starts to rise. You can still see the moon, but you feel that the night is almost over and the next day is about to start. The night was long and glorious and the memories are very vividly in my head. I am starting to get tired but want to keep dancing just for a little bit. I feel free. Everybody left on the dance floor is feeling the same vibe. This vibe and memories of such moments inspired me when I wrote Moonshine.

We Are The Brave · Charly Schaller - Moonshine

Pink Floyd - One Of These Days

I’m a massive Pink Floyd fan and always love to get people excited for their music because once you get into it, the experience of listening to them is simply so wonderful. I would have loved to see Pink Floyd live in their early days when they played in small clubs in London and everyone was on Acid.

One of these days is one of their lesser well known tracks with a really special driving energy.

Interview with Quincy Jones

Interview with Quincy Jones, an extremely talented music producer with a capability to succeed in so many different genres which I never knew anyone capable of. I find him extremely fascinating. He played second trumpet in the studio band that supported 21 year old Elvis Presley. He produced Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, worked as an arranger for Frank Sinatra and composed music for entire movies.

Woza Taxi - a documentary on Gqom music

A South African friend of mine recently introduced me to the Gqom genre and I really fell in love with it. It’s characterised by hard basslines, broken tom beats, screams and yells. It emerged from the Durban townships of South Africa in the early 2010s and its history, influence and producers are super interesting. As one producer says in an interview: The young artists from the townships didn’t have the resources to produce house music, so they simply created their own genre.