At Home With LWE: 14th December - Meat Free Takeover

Mon 14th Dec

In today’s At Home With we take a closer look at the Manchester scene through the eyes of one of the city’s leading party crews, Meat Free.

Run by aalice, Lucy Ironmonger, Blasha & Allatt, the all female collective’s inclusive ethos and passion for quality underground music has seen them quickly emerge as one of the go to parties in the North of England, bringing likes of DVS1, Legowelt and Dasha Rush to the region since forming in 2013.

Their selection of recent and all time favourites include DJ City, Helena Hauff, Parallel Action & Charlie Boy Manson, Trevino, Donato Dozzy and Abbie Fowler.

A Recent Standout Mix:

Alice: DJ City - High Hoops 050

Throughout lockdown, local DJs and promoters High Hoops have been curating a consistently quality mix series and their latest mix is no exception. DJ City has stepped up for their 50th mix for a sordid 60minutes of club-worthy nastiness.

High Hoops · High Hoops 050 - DJ City

An All Time Favourite:

Lucy: Helena Hauff live at Mantra

We had some particularly big parties in 2016, when we were able to throw raves in Mantra Warehouse (RIP). We were all pretty jittery but incredibly excited to see things take such a step up from our typical 350 cap parties to 1000+ people.

Two in particular were by far our biggest and most challenging due to the sheer amount of artists and people coming - they were our Mord Records showcase, and the 20 Years of Blueprint Records. Our Blueprint night was the first, and for it we welcomed techno stalwarts Luke Slater, James Ruskin and Regis, and in Room 2, Objekt and Helena Hauff.

There was a huge buzz in the air about not just the line-up, but from the MF fanbase that had seen us grow through the years, and supported us from the start when we were over the moon if 50 people came. It was amazing experiencing that night with them - it was like we just all couldn’t believe we’d done it. When the madness of the event had receded and people regaled their experiences of the night, it became clear that Helena had absolutely stolen the show in Room 2. The pictures tell a story of that night, but people were absolutely desperate for the mix.

Thankfully we were feeling bold that night, and had hit record on the whole 3-hours of it (secretly) with the intention of giving it to Helena afterwards, for her to do with whatever she wanted (often artists will say no, and those mixes never see the light of day).

The good news is that Helena was kind enough to let us release the mix. It went on to become one of her breakthrough mixes as an artist, is still consistently chalking up thousands of plays on our soundcloud (102k at the time of writing). It then went on to make it onto Resident Advisor’s 20 mixes of the decade series. That’s big! We’re incredibly proud that Meat Free’s party can be part of history, with a party that wouldn’t have happened without everyone that supported us in getting to that point. The result is a little slice of joy with this time capsule of a mix, for what was such an incredible, incredible time in our hometown of Manchester. Thank you again Helena.

Meat Free · Helena Hauff 16.04.16 [3hr live mix] @Mantra, Manchester | Meat Free x 20 Yrs of Blueprint Records

A Recent Standout Release:

Alice: Parallel Action - 10/10 feat. Charlie Boy Manson

Although it’s not a track I’ll likely ever get the chance to play out in a set (unless there’s a techno edit), I have to shout out 10/10 by Parallel feat. local Manchester artists Charlie Boy Manson upcoming on Loose Lips. CBM’s vocals throb over filthy squelchy basslines and breaks making it one of the standout tracks for 2020 for me.

An All Time Favourite:

Steffi: Trevino - Backtracking

This is an easy one for me! Trevino - Backtracking. It really evokes nostalgia from my early years in Manchester. I struggle to listen to it without getting teary!

I was lucky enough to support Trevino back at Soup Kitchen for a Zutekh party around 2015 and I actually got him to sign the record so it makes it all the more special. RIP Marcus.

A Good Read:

Lucy: Abbie Fowler’s Love Letter to the Dancefloor

I would like to say the writing inside the toilets of the White Hotel, which never ceases to make me laugh everytime I go for a piss hovering over a toilet there. For the uninitiated, the White Hotel is actually a car garage turned club in Salford, complete with bar staff that serve you from the mechanics pits below ground level, and an amazing sound system. It’s a really special place, and is where we’ve thrown our parties for the past few years (the club that is, not the toilets!).

But for those that haven’t had that experience yet, I would recommend Abbie Fowler’s Love Letter to the Dancefloor which is a short but truly touching piece. It reminds us of the special times being out in Manchester, which is good to be reminded of in these strange and often lonely times. We can’t wait to get back to it.

A Good Watch:

Tash: Alternate Cuts: Donato Dozzy

I’m heavily biased of course but it has to be Dozzy’s Terraforma live stream at The RA X Meat Free Alternate Cuts party back in 2018 at Soup Kitchen.

He kept me guessing the whole time and I was trying to figure out how one skippy rhythms flowed so well into the next!

After years of unsuccessful attempts at trying to land Dozzy to play at a standard MF party we lucked out with a Terraforma set at a 200 cap venue :)