At Home With LWE: 15th April, 2020

Wed 15th Apr

Wednesday’s goody bag of sonic treats is here to sweeten up your day. Featuring the likes of Sybil, Marshall Jefferson, Cinthie, Rodhad, DJ Fett Burger and more, here is your daily LWE digest.

Sybil - The Face Mix

One of the rare few purists from the latest influx of underground supertalents. Dedicated solely to the craft of DJing, Sybil’s far reaching influences are a reflection of the diverse culture pool of London, where she continues to sharpen her teeth. The SIREN standout shows off her revered technical ability in this intricate metamorphosis of textural soundscapes, complex undertones and industrial driven chug.

Marshall Jefferson Evolution of Chicago House

A true sonic dissection of the evolution of Chicago House from one of the original pioneers, Marshall Jefferson. From late 70s Disco influences of Pockets, First Choice and Cheryl Lynn, to the 80s sound revolution of Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard and Marshall himself, here is a true walk through time in a flawless historic boogie mix of all things Chicago.

Rødhåd - Leashed

In light of the current Covid-19 Pandemic, iconic Italian mastering studio, Enisslab, has announced the release of a very special 56 track charity compilation from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross. The compilation is available for a limited time via Bandcamp and features over 6 hours of previously unreleased material from a star studded cast encouraged to share music that reflects the current times. One of the standouts was this eerie, dark, visceral voyage by the dystopian king himself, Rødhåd. If you would like to donate to the noble cause you can buy the full album here.

Cinthie - Control

A modern timeless classic which has just seen a digital re-release. Cinthie is another long standing pivot of the seemingly endless list of Berlin’s stalwarts. It’s fair to say the 803 Crystal Grooves, Collective Cuts and we_r house label head, Elevate record store owner and analog hardware enthusiast knows a thing or two about putting out great music. Among some of her techno orientated productions is this stab driven, club focused, after hours, minimal masterclass.

2010-19: Reflections Of A Black Woman In Dance Music

It’s mind blowing to think that even in the seemingly liberal, progressive and all-inclusive world of music, women made up barely 10% of festival lineups as recently as the last decade. While we danced together united on the dancefloor, behind the scenes was a harsh reality of a long-serving male dominated industry from which women, genderqueer, LGBTQ and other minorities would often be shun from.

As the decade progressed, slowly but surely conversations about women and visibility in the industry came to the fore. That lack of representation helped catalyse the rise of DJ collectives such as Discwoman, BBZ and Room 4 Resistance. Aimed at empowering those marginalised groups they continue to provide a much needed platform for others to rise and develop in a safe and trusted space, away from prejudice and prying eyes. DJ, writer and radio host, Ash Lauryn, reflects on this ever growing revolution in the eye opening Resident Advisor article


DJ Fett Burger - Record Store Day Phonica

The enigmatic Norwegian artist and selector extraordinaire who prefers to let the music do the talking. From feisty disco burners with a slapping bass etiquette to dreamy underwater mermaid house churners, the Sex Tags Mania co-founder delivered one of the standout sets from the Record Store Day party at Phonica, almost exactly a year ago. Relive the classic moment below.