At Home With LWE: 16th October - Relentless Takeover

Fri 16th Oct

The Relentless team are back with another trusted takeover of the At Home With blog. Always ones to spotlight the stars of the future, today’s selections feature The Works, Zero & The Window Kid, NARA, Gabriels and LOCUS.

The Works - Exclusive LWE Mix

The Works – Larry London, Billy Cocks, and Danny Langan – are true selectors and crate diggers each in their own right. In this latest mix, the trio delivers a unique blend of vocal, soulful house fused with the UK Garage and afro cultural influences from their hometown of London.

Gabriels - Love and Hate in a Different Time

“The actual definition of the dancefloor is something that has always fascinated us. It’s a space we express ourselves ultimately. However as huge Adam Curtis fans we’ve always been fascinated with origins and definitions. The complex relationships between subjects and the stories we are told to learn about them. When we started researching the history of the dancefloor and found that Thomas Edison was one of the first to film a dancefloor and that he monetized it in the way he did. We think of where we are at now and ask what have we really learned? That is the concept behind the film for Love and Hate in a Different Time.” - Gabriels

NARA - Ipse Dixit EP

Nara’s Ipse Dixit is the latest release from emerging label, SZNS7N. The EP is a blend of hard dance, breaks and techno – with beautifully haunting sound design and an amalgamation of energetic and infectious basses and breaks throughout.

The label was founded by 6 Figure Gang’s L U C Y (fka LCY) and has the primary aim of being a platform for multidisciplinary collaboration in music and art.

LOCUS - Record label

LOCUS is a brand new record label brought to you from the team behind FUSE London. The ethos behind LOCUS is to explore all shades of house music, with the dance floor at the forefront of the imprint's thinking.

Their newest release comes from rising London-based talent Casey Spillman who debuts on LOCUS with his latest four-track EP, ‘Bit More Raggo’.

Zero & The Window Kid - Boozy

Window Kid’s latest track “Boozy” is gaining some real traction, reaching the #1 spot on Beatport and being playlist by Spotify. The greasy, bassy, party track is definitely one to get you excited for a night out. The pun filled lyrics include cheeky one liners like “She said I look like Gary Barlow I said I’ll Take That”. Bosh.