At Home With LWE: 16th November - Buddy Love Takeover

Mon 16th Nov

Fresh off the release of his outstanding debut LP, Buddy Love takes us for a trip into a world of pastel melancholy, sun-kissed cosmic lush and dreamy house with a selection of picks that include Khotin, Waterworld, Out Of The Blue, Haruki Murakami, Arthur Russell and more.

A DJ, producer, graphic designer and core member of the Coastal Haze and Bizarre Trax party collectives, Buddy Love first caught industry eyes in 2016 with the much-inspired Mango Peach EP. Resulting support gigs for the likes of Project Pablo, Dan Shake and DJ Fett Burger have since positioned the London-local as one of the go-to selectors today and he continues to morph into a fully fledged star with the release of his highly acclaimed first full length album, ‘Pleasure (Now & Forever)’. Set for another big year ahead, we look forward to welcoming Buddy Love to the sunny beach fronts of Dhërmi Albania at the inaugural edition of ION Festival next September.

Khotin - Pacific Spirit Mix

Seeing as its a Monday morning I thought I’d share one of my favourite ‘mostly ambient’ mixes from a few years ago. Khotin has been a big influence on my productions since the start and his mixes are always full of emotional & calming textures. This one for Pacific Rhythm is one that I’ve kept going back too, dive in !

Pacific Rhythm · Pacific Spirit 026 | Khotin

Coastal Cast ~ Buddy Love (100% original productions)

Still very proud of this mix, an hour of just my own productions, recorded in my studio 2 years ago. Think there's only 3 tracks from this mix that actually got released, one being the closing track: Heatwave Glamour which only came out on my new record last week, the rest will forever just sit there in this mixtape..

Coastal Haze · Coastal Cast ~ Buddy Love (100% original productions)

Out of the Blue - Late Hours EP [NT001]

The first release from a mysterious new Italian label Nottetempo. This record has everything you’d want. Ambient elements into breakbeats, nostalgic organ vibes, all with a very high level of production. I think I listened to The Tease about 12 times in a row when I first found it. Very very good stuff.

Waterworld - Too Much ft. Buddy Love

A new alias from one of my best pals & musical mentor Seb Wildblood. This feel-good summer track we made a few years ago is finally seeing the light of day, hopefully it brings a little bit of sunshine to the winter months x

waterworld · too much ft. buddy love

New Composers - Love of Nature - Astra LP [1996]

First heard 'Love of Nature' in a Ciel mix a few years ago and became extremely obsessed with it. The rest of the record is full of equally as beautiful tunes, lots of downtempo elements and little Russian sampled recordings. It’s still available to buy in full on their bandcamp, along with the rest of their discography, tip! x

Haruki Murakami Books

Before lockdown I’d started getting into Murukami books pretty heavily, but think I’ve read all of them now haha. Something about the weird dreamy worlds he creates that really draws me in. Highly recommend anything by him.

Arthur Russell - Wild Combination

A documentary on the life of Arthur Russell, an inspiration to so many and a icon of the underground. Didn’t realise how many of the huge disco tracks he’d produced back in the day before watching this documentary. A sad but incredible story x