At Home With LWE: 18th May

Mon 18th May

Featuring the likes of Richie Hawtin & Sven Väth, CCL, Radioactive Man, Newa, Sinai Soundsystem and more, today’s At Home With selections are here to ease you into the week.

CCL - Beats In Space Mix

DJ, producer and tastemaker, CCL is a true forward thinking force of the underground. From co-directing Vancouver’s New Forms Festival to spearheading the empowering TUF collective, the Seattle based Londoner is one of the key figures helping shape the North American music scene. Here is a gentle cosmic meander to get you started with your day.

Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth Essential Mix 2002

Two techno titans, Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth have one of the most adored and long standing friendships in the music world. Their natural chemistry and unbound enthusiasm have gifted us a number of legendary B2B’s over the years but this recent reupload of their 2002 BBC’s Essential Mix is up there with the best. Two hours of entrancing fourfour goodness from the two maestros.

Radioactive Man - Re​-​evaluate

As the fight against Covid-19 goes on, the outpouring of support from the music community continues to grow stronger. Bass Agenda Recordings have recently unleashed a colossal 142 track V.A in support of the NHS and Médecins Sans Frontières. The EP features contributions from some all time electro greats like Carl Finlow, The Hacker and Delta Funktionen, as well as this stripped back celestial cut form Radioactive Man.

Newa - Dance Of The Warrior

A pioneering figure of the Georgian underground scene, Newa is at the forefront in the fight to bring more acceptance, tolerance and freedom to the country’s fledgling club culture. A regular at famed Tbilisi stomping ground Bassiani and a favourite of Ben Klock, Newa has had some standout releases on Klockworks over the past few years, highlighted most notably by this driving acid tearer.

Danceteria, Studio 54 And Other Legendary NYC Clubs And Parties

Ever since its inception, electronic music has been on a never ending cycle of reinvention. Unbound by the bourgeoisie, the dance has always been led by the struggling creatives, the catalysts who help build up a scene from the grassroots before being inevitably pushed out by the overinflation and saturation of the market. Bouncing from city to city, they leave a long trail of nostalgia made up of footprints of the magic that once was. While Berlin may be the current stronghold, there was once a time when NYC was the heaving hub of dance music. Time Out counts down the top spots in New York’s hay day.

Sinai: Inside The UK's Most Versatile Sound System

There are many reasons why we love to go out, but one of the key ones is often the sense of euphoria we sometimes reach when the music, the atmosphere and the surroundings come together to create a perfect moment. Often the praise is given to the DJ or the producers behind the tracks, but often the unsung heros are the sound technicians who are there hours before making sure every frequency is acutely tuned to the space. Then there are people like Huw Williams of Sinai who build their own custom systems and go on tour, bringing one of the best audio experiences you can possibly achieve to venues around the world.