At Home With LWE: 19th May - Jordan Takeover

Tue 19th May

Taking over Tuesday’s At Home With blog is soaring Irish talent Jordan. Beginning the year with a total sell out of his Nocturnal Edits record, he’s been staying busy during the lockdown with a constant stream of uploads, including an hour of chugging club heat for our LWE mix series. Featuring the likes of Artrax, Tania Vulcano, Levon Vincent, Sofia Kourtesis, Cormac and more, we caught up with the Belfast native to get his pick of selections.

Artrax - Trax 9

I've been a big fan of the Artrax boys over the last year or so. I first stumbled across their mixes on Soundcloud where we struck up conversation, and they invited me to play for their Vitamine party in Romania with Dan Shake. They're a really lovely genuine community crew and their DJ mixes are full of unearthed gems in the least cliche way possible. Expect eastern sounds, lesser spotted italo and quality house.

Tania Vulcano - Circo Loco At DC10

This mix was a game-changer for us at 17. Although I'd been actively DJ'ing in the years leading up to this, we had only legally been allowed to start going to the clubs we'd been reading about. Circo Loco at DC10 at that time seemed like a world away from Belfast which at that time was terribly grey and unexciting to us. This mix was a bit magical for us as it was filled with so much trippy, shuffly house music that began the exploration into the worlds of the likes of Roman Flugel, Audion and Ivan Smagghe.

Sofia Kourtesis - Hollywood

We've been very lucky with the weather here during the quarantine. I've been spending a lot of time in my garden listening to new music and this really grabbed my attention. It's on Studio Barnhus which is always a guarantee of quality. It's unique, classic sounding house that's conjuring up feelings of the festivals we should be at.

Levon Vincent - Thrill of Love

Levon Vincent has been a firm favourite in Belfast for over a decade. In no small part thanks to his legendary appearances at Twitch over the years. For fifteen years they've been bringing quality acts to the city, with their monthly party at the 300 capacity Bunatee Bar being the stuff of Irish club lore. His raw electronic sound fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the city and this machine driven acid number gets away with fitting lockdown listening thanks to Jessica Elle's vocal.

Interview With Ivan Smagghe And Ata: 2005

Something I'm very passionate about and spend a lot of time discussing is the culture around dancing. Why do artists do what they do? What's their ethos? What's it going? Is there a legacy? With the electronic scene in 2020 being at a precarious tipping point, I'm super positive about all the creativity that is bubbling under. Across Europe there's pockets of clubs like Opium in Lithuania that are pushing things forward. Anyway, I digress. Two people I respect for their contribution and longevity are Ivan Smagghe and Ata. I got into Ivan through Blackstrobe, and Ata runs Robert Johnson, and founded Playhouse and Klang. Operating a 250 capacity nightclub (which in my opinion is the right size) with such wide-stretching cultural impacts is no mean feat. In this interview from 2005 they talk about attitude, and why they do what they do. The authenticity would explain why they're still flat out 15 years later.

Cormac At HÖR

Panorama Bar regular and fellow Irish-born, Cormac has been very supportive of my music over the last while, and as you'd imagine with his credentials, he's a cracking DJ. He joins the dots between queer history and contemporary club music. This set at HOR is him on true form, and he's even included my re-rub of Underground Resistance.