At Home With LWE: 19th October - Adam Pits Takeover

Mon 19th Oct

Taking us for a spin in today’s At Home With takeover is Leeds-based DJ, producer and rising star, Adam Pits. Bursting onto the scene just 2 years ago, his distinct, genre-bending celestial slammers have already caught the attention of many of the industries biggest names with standout releases on Holding Hands, Coastal Haze and X-Kalay as he continues to carve out his own lane with the recent Space Lab label launch.

Adam’s selection of picks include Lisene, Jane Fitz and Carl H, Kosh, Dorisburg, Katia Mullova and Circle of Live.

Lisene - Earth Dog Radio Mix

For many years myself and Lisene have shared a similar love for psychedelic aesthetics within techno and trance. This mix is full of the tracks that contain these qualities, and his abilty to keep long mixes going in pretty seamless fasion is very impressive.

Earth Dog · Earth Dog Radio 004: Lisene

Jane Fitz and Carl H - People and Places Mix

This 3-and-a-half-hour b2b recorded live from Restless Nights (Bristol) is a certified epic journey. Jane Fitz and Carl H exhibit some of the best records they've collected in the last 25 years and I can only imagine how much fun they had playing this set. I genuinely feel like I'm on that dancefloor when I listen to this mix.

People & Places · People and Places 021: Jane Fitz and Carl H

Kosh - Virtual Reality EP

The EP is the epitome of FUN. Kosh's use of the pitch wheel when playing in the chords creates a great sense of yearning. We all crave an emotive experience from music, and this record simply makes me happy.

Distrikt Paris · DTKP001 - Kosh - Virtual Reality EP (Incl. Janeret Remix)- Clips

Dorisburg - Irrbloss

This was a hard decision as I love so many records. At the end of the day, we would all chose the record that gives us the most feeling. It's one of the only records that has given me easy access to looking deeper into myself, like some kind of artificial meditation. I have so many positive memories attached to this album.

Katia Mullova - Reflections on the music industry

Katia Mullova very eloquently expresses the setbacks that will face our music industry, but also outlines the potential positives that will come out of these unprecedented times

Circle Of Live at Freerotation 2018

I feel so blessed to have been at this live (Freerotation 2018) 5-way improvised 5 hour set. Sebastian Mullaert, Dorisburg, Matthew Jonson, Johanna Knutsson, Steevio and Suzybee (live visuals) come together for a masterclass in musical anticipation. RA recorded an hour of some of the captivating sounds heard from that night.