At Home With LWE: 20th May, 2020

Wed 20th May

Featuring the likes of Ellen Allien, Ben Klock, Mor Elian, Ben UFO, Laurel Halo and more, Wednesday’s At Home With selections are here.

Ben Klock - Awakenings NYE 2019 Mix

The face of stripped back Berlin techno, Ben Klock is responsible for some of the most iconic moments and distinguished underground hits of the past decade. A style laced in contemporary minimalism, the Klockworks boss ushered in the new decade with a storming, faultless blitz at Gashouder, Amsterdam.

Laurel Halo - DJ Kicks Mix

A long standing member of the forward thinking Hyperdub label, Laurel Halo’s experimentative productions are a fusion of ambient, house and musique concrète while her sets are a dancefloor orientated traverse through the many corners of electronic music. This 2019 curation for the DJ Kicks Mix series is up there with the very best of last year.

Ellen Allien - True Romantics

Heavyweight queen of the underground, Ellen Allien recently teased her much anticipated upcoming Auraa album with two standout releases from the 7-tracker. Enriched in trancing euphoria, ghostly vocals and an otherworldly floating acidine, True Romantics is a telling sign of another classic on the way from the BPControl label boss.

Mor Elian - Persona Non Grata

LA export Mor Elian’s productions had been a well kept secret until recent times but she finally hit through in 2018 with the release of the Persona Non Grata album. Meshing elements of house, techno and electro into a club focused 4 tracker, the EP is highlighted by the warping stomper of the same title. A definite modern classic.


Ben UFO on DJing

Ben UFO is flying the flag as the most versatile, genre-fluid and in demand party starter of today. A real DJ’s DJ and a purist of the artform, his sets are a free flowing sonic odyssey unbound by rules or expectations. From dub to jungle, garage to house, techno to bass, the dance is led by an instinctual feel of the moment rather than a rigid preconstruction. With extra time on his hands during the lockdown, he laid down a few short and sweet nuggets of wisdom for budding DJs.

Real Scenes: Berlin

Having featured a few of Berlin’s key figures, it feels only right to revisit the iconic city that continues to be one of the flagship underground destinations. In 2011 Resident Advisor went behind the scenes to find out more about the unique history and party culture of the German capital.