At Home With LWE: 20th July

Mon 20th Jul

We are back with another selection of top picks to kick start your week. Featured in today’s At Home With blog are Saoirse and Shanti Celeste, Jamie Jones and Clive Henry, Jayda G, Girada Unlimited, Tony Allen and Kraftwerk.

Saoirse B2B Shanti Celeste - J2v Virtual Festival

Probably the set from J2v that we keep coming back to the most. 90 minutes of upbeat sun kissed grooves from two of house music’s finest, Saoirse and Shanti Celeste. Perfect easy listening for any day.

Junction 2 · Saoirse B2B Shanti Celeste - J2v Virtual Festival

Jamie Jones and Clive Henry - CircoLoco, The End, 2008

A legendary set captured at one of London’s most iconic venues, The End. Opened in 1995, the venue was home to some of the biggest names in the industry, hosting many fabled nights, stories of which live on to this day. One such outing was Jamie Jones’ and Clive Henry’s incredible b2b at CircoLoco back in 2008.

Jayda G - Both Of Us

Canadian export, Jayda G continues to cement herself as one of the top artists today with a triumphant follow up to her acclaimed debut album, Significant Changes. The two track EP, Both Of Us / Are U Down, is an instant modern classic drawing influence from the early Chicago house sound, a trademark of Jayda G’s productions.

Jayda G · Both Of Us

Girada Unlimited - Zapatac

Putting a modern day twist on Velodrome’s 1988 release Capitaz, Girada Unlimited helped rekindle some of the Valencian spirit from it’s La Ruta glory days of the late ‘80s and ‘90s. A true weapon on the dancefloor.

Tony Allen - The Self Taught Drummer Who Became The Best In The World

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest drummers who has ever lived. Born in Nigeria, Tony Allen began playing drums at the age of 18 and, drawing on highlife, soul, funk jazz and traditional African drumming, would go on to become one of the co-founders of the genre we now know as Afrobeat. Part of Fela Kuti’s legendary band during the between 1964-1980, the two were instrumental figures in changing the course of West African music and influencing so much of the music around the world that would come after them. Learn more about the incredible life of Tony Allen in this article by Mixmag.

Kraftwerk - Pop Art

While Tony Allen and Fela Kuti were leading a revolution in one part of the world, at the same time Kraftwerk were laying the foundations for electronic music in another. Founded by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, the legendary German pair morphed out of the experimental krautrock scene of the early ‘70s and would go on to form the most influential music group in history. BBC traces back their journey in this must-see documentary.