At Home With LWE: 21st October - Carlota Takeover

Wed 21st Oct

Taking over today’s At Home With blog is DJ, composer, sound engineer, producer and all around musical polymath, Carlota. Having burst onto the scene just 2 years ago with an outstanding debut on Nina Kraviz’s трип imprint, the Ibiza native has quickly established herself among the leading dance music contemporaries with a distinct sonic footprint of off-kilter, stripped back, modular techno.

Carlota’s pick of selections include Mad Miran, Aleksi Perälä, Susumu Yokota, François J. Bonnet, Eliane Radigue and more. You can catch her playing at Junction 2 next June.

Mad Miran - a message of manifestation, from the music room

An unbridled transmission by Mad Miran. Highly recommend all her mixes, there's always an exciting and versatile selection throughout.

c- · mad miran - a message of manifestation, from the music room

Aleksi Perälä - live at Dekmantel Festival

A beautiful music journey from Dekmantel Festival, in 2017. I deeply resonate with Aleksi Perälä’s singular sound.

Carlota - the bow

My first EP release, which with Trip Recordings we suddenly thought that we had a blend of more melodic and energetic tracks that could work as an EP and that hopefully it could cheer someone during this weird times. I love working in all kinds of ways, and this EP embodies the different techniques and gear I’ve experimented with back in 2018, when I started to properly learn synthesis and most of the tracks were made.

Susumu Yokota - Grinning Cat

It is hard to pin down an all time favourite release, especially since there are so many of them but ‘Grinning Cat’ feels a timeless album. Susumu Yokota is one of my favourite artists. I find his world of sounds and ideas fascinating.

The Order of Sounds - A Sonorous Archipelago by François J. Bonnet

A wonderful exploration of the world of sound and our complex relationship to it.

Eliane Radigue - IMA Portrait documentary

This is a portrait documentary that briefly introduces the work of Eliane Radigue. The way she conceives and approaches the sonorous and emotional realm is very inspiring.