At Home With LWE: 23rd September - Perc Takeover

Wed 23rd Sep

Taking over today’s At Home With blog is global techno powerhouse, Ali Wells aka Perc.

Debuting in the early ‘00s with releases for the likes of Kompact, CLR and Drumcode, London based Ali’s uncompromising vision and distinct musical outlook soon led to a path of independence through the hugely influential and forward thinking label, Perc Trax. Fusing elements of stripped back industrial, spine-tingling techno and eerie dystopian ambient, Perc’s genre-defining productions have served as a blueprint for many that have followed suit. Celebrating his first full release in a year and a half, Fire In Negative bucks the current trends once more to leapfrog into the future with some skull crushing, pile driving, Perc-style face melters.

Ali’s selection of recent and all-time favourite picks include the likes of Ansome, Ed Rush, Jiri Ceiver, Joey Beltram and more.

Ansome - live at Intercell

He is a Perc Trax favourite, but Ansome's live set from the Intercell Acid night in Amsterdam back in February is a master class of live modular techno, something many people attempt but few manage to pull off successfully.

Intercell · Ansome [acid live] at Intercell - Acid Night 2020

Ed Rush - Torque mix

Ed Rush's DJ mix formed half of No U Turn's seminal Torque 2xCD release. A perfect introduction to one of the greatest and most influential UK labels ever.

Perc - Fire In Negative (Perc Trax)

My first full release in a year and a half. Art gallery field recordings and sine tones laid over hardcore kicks forced into techno arrangements. This EP was all about me bringing new techniques and equipment into my music from glitching plugins to an expanded rack of outboard gear at my London studio. More texture focussed than some of my other releases and a conscious attempt by me to carve out my own space in the modern techno landscape rather than following the herd.

Jiri.Ceiver ‎– Head.Phon (Harthouse)

I was a big Harthouse fan from the mid 90's until the original incarnation of the label ended at the end of the decade, but this album was always something I could not get my head around. Now going back to it it all makes sense. Jiri.Ceiver has a very unique sound, it's like techno turned on its head. The mixdowns and combinations of frequencies used are very unique, both back then and especially now.

Pop Grenade by Matthew Collin

A really interesting collection of reports from different parts of the world where at certain times music, politics and activism have intersected. Easy to read but you learn a lot from it.

Joey Beltram interview from 'Pump Up The Volume'

An old interview with Joey Beltram and some background info about 'Energy Flash'. One of the greatest producers ever to do it.