At Home With LWE: 31st March, 2020

Tue 31st Mar

Tuesday’s edition of At Home With LWE is here, an eclectic serving of mixes, releases and more from the likes of Jackie House, ONYVAA, Adam Beyer, L U C Y and Truncate to keep you dancing throughout the day. Thank us later!

Jackie House - Crack Magazine Mix

One of the founding members of renowned West Coast label Honey Soundsystem, Jackie House is known to many for his impeccable selection of timeless records. In this latest outing for Crack Magazine, he dishes up an especially sweet serving for our listening pleasure.

Adam Beyer - Stockholm Mix Sessions (2002)

Many may forget Adam Beyer’s extensive climb to the top of the techno pyramid, but the towering Swede has been there since the early days of inception. Ever adapting and changing with the times, the Drumcode kingpin had a very different sound 2 decades ago. Listen back to this flawless shelling of speedy house and techno cuts from 2002.


Passeport Records founder and next to blow ONYVAA has been hot on everybody's lips and it’s no surprise why. Her live performance for us at FOLD in October and opening set at Magazine London a couple of weeks back were nothing short of spectacular. The Richie Hawtin prodigy continues to impress in this recent LWE Mix with her signature no frills, hypnotic approach.

L U C Y - Edge It

London based duo Sicaria Sound recently birthed a thrilling, forward thinking new label Cutcross Recordings. Championing the next wave of UK club sounds, the bass-centric imprint enlisted some of the scene’s hottest heavy hitters for their first release. Standing on the cusp of reinvention and innovation is this dubby face slapper from SZNS7N’s L U C Y.

Truncate - WRKTRX 3 [Jimmy Edgar Remix]

It’s always the slightly odd collaborations that tend to produce the most vibrant offshoots. From hiphop to funk laced pop and eccentric house, Jimmy Edgar’s production portfolio might be one of the farthest ranging ever. Truncate, on the other hand, while also known to embellish experimentation, is more firmly rooted in the art of four to the floor. The two touted Americans combine on this stripped back bass roller to produce a best of both worlds scenario in today’s office favourite pick.

What Is Balearic Beat?

Born in the late 80s on the legendary island of Ibiza, Balearic Beat is a genre of music we have all heard before without knowing exactly where it belongs. Made up of the most obscure chillout, lounge and dance records, there’s an endless supply of Belearic Beat that yearned for a place on the dance floor. Step forward Alfredo, Terry Farley and a few other esteemed early crate diggers who found the perfect setting to transmit through. The sun ridden, sandy beaches of early Ibiza. A corner of the universe for the early contemporaries to let loose those peculiar danceable chuggers. Unbounded by rules or genres, the only expectation was that the beat moved the feet. Read more about those early days in the Boiler Room feature here.

"Black to Techno" by Jenn Nkiru | Frieze & Gucci

Tracing the lineage of techno via it’s birthplace in Detroit to the eventual hub in Berlin. This documentary by Frieze and Gucci is an artistic lookback on the evolution, early struggles and ethnic roots of the genre we all know and love today.

Radioactive Man - Doors to Manual Tee Charity Merch

As the ongoing developments of Covid-19 continue to affect all of us, it is the most vulnerable among us that need help now more than ever. To help feed the homeless, UK electro pioneer Radioactive Man has kindly opted to donate 50% of the profits from his T-shirt sales to the local food bank. You can support his noble cause here.