7 reasons why Magazine is the perfect fit for Sphere

Mon 27th Jan

Magazine is the latest addition to London’s clubbing portfolio. From Saturday 15th February the venue will play host to our new event series ‘Sphere’. Here’s 7 reasons why Magazine signals a new dawn in London’s scene and represents the most exciting new event space our capital has to offer…

1. Brand new space in an iconic part of the city

Overlooking the Thames and a two-minute walk from North Greenwich tube station, on the Jubilee line, Magazine stands in close proximity to the O2 Arena. Renowned for being an entertainment hub for world class artists, Magazine occupies a prime spot that’s easily accessible.

2. A blank canvas for production

As opposed to being a former industrial unit being turned into an event space, Magazine is custom-built. The obstacles and limitations frequently presented at such ad-hoc spaces have been removed from the equation. The envelope of opportunity has been widened and Magazine has opened a world of possibilities. The venues is essentially a blank canvas - a space that lets our creative juices run wild. Its prowess is in its functionality and versatility.

sphere magazine london"

3. Standing out from the crowd

We subscribe to the idea that the best clubs don’t have to be anything but four walls and an outstanding soundsystem. Magazine does the basics, but on a much larger scale. 3,000 person capacity and a 10,000 sq ft main room to be exact. First timers will be gawping from the moment they arrive. There’s nothing standard about this space.

4. Catering to the audiophiles

We’re bolstering the existing soundsystem for each of the Sphere parties. After all, there’s little point in booking the best names in electronic music if the sound quality doesn’t do them justice. The main PA has been fine-tuned by our production team, who are also responsible for the sound at Junction 2.

sphere magazine london"

5. Stamping our own signature

Sphere will have its own distinct visual identity. The name of the series should give you some idea, but we wanted to keep some things under wraps and give attendees that “wow” factor. All we can say is that a state-of-the-art lighting rig will form part of the experience, as well as mezzanine levels, lighting columns and inner circles.

6. The immersive dancefloor

Such are Magazine's capabilities as a venue, attendees won't just walk into a new event space, but rather be picked-up and dumped into Sphere's futuristic world. Lighting, production and effects won't just appear to be happen in front of your eyes. Instead, partygoers will feel assimilated alongside these interactive elements.

sphere magazine london"

7. High pedigree collaborators

Operated by Broadwick Live, the team behind Printworks and The Drumsheds, it goes without saying that they have the experience and know-how when it comes to launching high-capacity, inner city venues. Given the impact those two behemoths have made in the Capital in a short space of time, the scene is set for Magazine to follow in their footsteps.

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