At Home With: Anastasia Kristensen

Fri 12th Mar

Touted producer and seasoned crate digger, Anastasia Kristensen joins us for today’s At Home With.

Having sharpened her tools as a resident DJ for Copenhagen-based Culture box and LGBTQ party collective Mainstream, the Moscow-born technician took flight in 2017. Capturing the attention of the global scene with standout performances and mixes for Resident Advisor and Boiler Room, Anastasia cemented her place among the electronic music elite with heavyweight productions on Arcola and Houndstooth.

Anastasia’s selection of go-tos and recent favorites include Voicedrone, Steffi, Optic Nerve, Nine Inch Nails and more.

A Recent Mix:

Anastasia Kristensen - Awakenings Podcast Mix

My own mix for Awakenings. It’s a great reflection of “corona coaster” emotions, full of glitchy and noisy textures. I really enjoyed making it as it also includes loads of new unreleased tracks from friends.

Awakenings · Awakenings Podcast #099 - Anastasia Kristensen

An All Time Favourite:

Steffi - Essential Mix

The way she combined and built up electro and techno tracks here is amazing. She’s a true music encyclopaedia and that mix was influential to the development of my own music taste later on.

A Recent Standout Release:

Voicedrone - There’s No Next

A very powerful tune, with unconventional arrangement and crispy sounding. The whole compilation has gathered excellent talent for the fundraiser supporting the World Food Programme's 'Zero Hunger' initiative.

An All Time Favourite:

Optic Nerve - Triology (Wave 2)

It's an all time favourite release because in my opinion this release is the perfect example of the classic Detroit techno sound. It's a lesser known record from that era, but absolutely legendary.

A Good Read:


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Something To Watch:

Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole
(Live at Woodstock ’94)

It’s so rebellious, empowering and dirty - I find it fascinating, even though it’s insane how much equipment has been ruined and the staff has to pick it up during the concert itself. A true mid nineties madness.