Mon 3rd May

Tunisian artist Azu Tiwaline, purveyor of polyrhythmics and Techno, takes the reins for the latest At Home With.

Azu's music, a fusion of hypnotic tribal rhythms and dub-style electronics, is inspired by her Sahara heritage but influenced by any number of global sounds and has skyrocketed to attention in recent times. Her debut album 'Draw Me A Silence', filled with her trademark experiential sound of static ambience and resonant drums, has received major plaudits from tastemakers such as Dekmantel and Pitchfork.

Below Azu's selections include Clearlight, CZN, Akkord and more.

A Recent Mix:

Azu Tiwaline & Don’t DJ - Rinse France

I had the pleasure to invite Don't Dj onto my last RInse France show. His soundscapes are always fascinating, really deep, delightfully unrefined and evocative.

An All Time Favourite Mix:

Clearlight - Boom Festival

I've listened so many times to this beautiful set from Clearlight. This one captivates me and transports me every time. Love the vibe so much.

A Recent Release:

CZN - Luxury Variations

This one is a collaboration between Valentina Magaletti, João Pais Filipe and Leon Marks, under the name CZN. Released on Trilogy Tapes. LOVE IT.

An All Time Favourite Release:

Akkord - Obelisk

This is the ultimate ode to minimalism. Elegant, timeless, raw. Essential for any dj style set. On any sound system, it sounds crazy.

A Good Read:

Le Cinquième Rêve de Patrice Van Eersel (French Language)

I don't know how many times I've read it. I often open it, read some pages and close it. It has a simple and positive boost on me. It's all about how much all living beings on Earth are deeply connected.

Something To Watch:

Sigur Ros - Valtari

A masterpiece film experiment from Sigur Ros. The filmography, the dancers, the music. This is pure beauty.