At Home With: Bellaire

Wed 20th Jan

Disco house sensation, Bellaire, takes us for a spin of his favourite picks in today’s takeover of At Home With.

Surrounded by a myriad of musical influences from an early age, Bellaire hit the ground running in 2017 with a smash production debut and a resulting first gig alongside DJ Seinfield at infamous Paris hotspot, Concrete. 4 standout EPs later, he sits firmly cemented as one of the scene’s top talents and continues to impress with his latest single, My Love.

Bellaire’s selection of recent and all time favourites include Motor City Drum Ensemble, Isaac Hayes, Virginie Despentes and more.

An All Time Favourite Mix:

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Boiler Room

I would say MCDE’s boiler room is something really special. The selection of tracks and the mood of the crowd is perfect! It’s a great mix to enjoy at parties or on a sunny day!

A Recent Release:

Bellaire - My Love

I’m really happy about the result of this new track! I really made it « with love »!

Bellaire · My Love

An All Time Favourite:

Isaac Hayes - Stranger in Paradise

This track would define everything I listen to in one track. There are Melodies, an incredible groove, a catchy vocal and an insane orchestration. This track could be released today and would have the same success!!

A Good Read:

King Kong Theory by Virginie Despentes

This book is written by a very famous feminist writer in France. It depicts the capitalist/patriarchy world we live in with a lot of anger. It’s a very deep analysis of today’s society.

A Good Watch:

Treme (TV Show)

I would advise everyone to go and watch the tv show « Treme »!!! It’s about the life of the people from New Orleans after The katrina hurricane. It tells the story of how jazz culture made people survive after the crisis there! The soundtrack is unbelievable.