At Home With: Black Girl / White Girl

Mon 8th Feb

Amsterdam based duo, Black Girl / White Girl, deliver a taste of their eclectic selection in today’s takeover of At Home With.

Made up of Karin and Ty, the power couple have been gaining acclaim for their high energy, dynamic sets and refreshing approach to music. Holding esteemed releases on heavyweight labels Relief, Rhythm Trax and EI8HT, the pair’s rave-infused dancefloor cuts have been supported by the likes of Eats Everything, Jamie Jones, Maya Jane Coles, Seth Troxler and Ben Sims, among others. Black Girl / White Girl’s brand new EP, ‘Extravaganzza’, is out now on HE.SHE.THEY.

Read on for more on their latest release; alongside a selection of favourites from TRAXMAN, Octo Octa, Eris Drew, Kate Bush and more.

Black Girl / White Girl - Extravaganzza EP

Extravaganzza is our first EP of 2021 and we couldn’t be happier that it’s coming out on HE. SHE. THEY. We really vibe with their message of inclusivity, individuality, experimentation, and open-mindedness, so we feel right at home here. We haven’t had the opportunity to visit one of their raves yet, but we’ve heard amazing things and can’t wait to experience the HE. SHE. THEY ambiance in full effect. As for the tunes, get ready for some proper freaky techno because we are serving it!

A Recent Standout Release:

Various Artists - Five Years Of Love

An insanely good compilation by one of our favorite recent discoveries. System 108 is a Moscow based collective led by Evgeniy Mashkov, and the music they release is an absolute trip from beginning to end. With styles ranging from techno, disco, house, and breakbeat, it’s all lovely, on point, and entirely unique. Right up our street.


Traxman is an incredibly talented individual above all, and a living legend at that. These Dance Mania footwork reworks bang and we can’t stop listening. Tons of sick tunes here and our fav is his “tha take um to church rework” of Jammin Gerald’s “Holy Ghost”. Fast & freaky, just how we like it. And when that sample starts sneaking in at 2:04... damn! Can really see this going off in a big way!

An All Time Favourite Release:

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

No words needed. An Icon, a Legend, a Goddess.

A Recent Mix:

Black Girl / White Girl - 'Lift Me Up' Mix

This has to be one of our favorite mixes we’ve ever done. We started working on this mix for Mixmag just as the first lockdown was kicking off here in the Netherlands in early 2020. Disco, soul, ballroom, and funk music have been our literal savior during this period, so we felt we had to share this with the world in the hopes that we could brighten up someone’s day, even if it’s just for a little while ❤

Mixmag · Downtime: Black Girl / White Girl's 'Lift Me Up' Mix

An All Time Favourite Mix:

Octo Octa B2B Eris Drew - Boiler Room 2019 DJ Set

Holy Moses, I mean… The first time we heard this set we were in awe. These two ladies have been on top of their game and this Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain set is just one example of many amazingly brilliant sets they’ve blessed us with. We’ve probably listened to this set over a dozen times, it’s just so good. It’s funky, wild, old-school, brimming with good vibes, and top to it off, their technique is just out of this world. Can you imagine being there in the crowd for this, live? All we can say, is thanks for taking us on this amazing ride. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

A Good Read:

The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey

An insightful book by Oprah, where she talks about the power of setting intentions and accepting your calling. This book collects the fundamental lessons Oprah has learned on her journey to self-discovery, combined with wisdom and stories from people she respects like Elizabeth Gilbert, Eckhart Tolle, and Brené Brown. Super inspiring!

A Good Watch:


We’ve been addicted to this series since the first watch. Its cinematography and editing are super trippy and just gorgeous, spellbinding even. Hunter Schaefer, Zendaya, and the whole cast of actors are absolutely riveting. Without giving too much away, the drama series explores topics like queer love, gender identity, and addiction through an LGBTQ lens and with a certain sense of nonchalance, which makes it feel very refreshing and genuine. Plus, the music underpinning it all is stunning too. Absolutely breathtaking and a must-watch.