Mon 22nd Feb

Taking over today’s At Home With is Cassius Select.

The Canadian born, Hong Kong based artist has been on a steady rise, drawing acclaim for his distinct, genre-bending productions and refreshing take on club music. Pooling influences from techno, hip hop, garage, bass and beyond, Cassius Select has landed releases on Matthew Herbert’s Accidental JNR., Hypercolour and most recently Banoffee Pies with one of the standout EPs of 2020 - ‘Heavyweight’.

His selection of picks include Kombe, Slink, BV (DJ Plead, Marcus Whale and Cassius Select), Duval Timothy and more.

A Recent Standout Mix:

Kombe - Somatic Rituals Mix

Recently gotten onto this Zurich crew Somatic Rituals and I've enjoyed all of their mixes. This one is from Kombe. Great textures, sick pace, all right up my alley.

Your Favourite Mix:

Cassius Select - Body Promise Mix

This is the mix I'm most happy with and it's the only one I will actually listen to. I think it's the only mix I've done that feels like it distilled my sense of style in regards to the music I enjoy. If you are gonna listen to any mix I've done, I’d say just go to this one.

A Recent Standout Release:

SLINK - Volume 1

This NYC crew invited me to play their first show a few years ago and I rate them all highly as people. Every track is distinct. Also look out for a future release from K Wata. He’s said before that my music has had an influence on him but it's definitely the other way around now. V ahead.

SLINK · SLINK Volume 1

An All Time Favourite:

BV - BlackXBlackXBlack

This is a timestamp of my relationship with Jarred (Dj Plead, Poison) and Marcus (Collarbones, Marcus Whale), both of whom make incredible music in their own projects. At that time we were growing musically and as people too and it was akward as fuck. Lookin back we were really adventurous with our choices but outside of sentimentally, I still find this one of the most interesting records any of us have ever made. It's cliche to say but we would've never made any of this music on our own and I'm really grateful that there's this document from that time. It's some of the most precious and fun music I've ever been a part of. Every track. Still. Bengs.

A Good Watch:

Duval Timothy - RETURN

Recently gotten onto Duval Timothy and I’ve fallen deep. His videos are really great and he strikes me as someone that has a v succinct grasp in the way he expresses his style, not only musically but as a whole, through videos, aesthetics…all that. This one is particularly beautiful.