At Home With:Dukwa

Fri 30th Apr

Italian house producer and label owner, Dukwa, takes the stand for today’s At Home With.

Starting his musical career as part of the Life’S Track project with long term and much-admired producer Herva, Dukwa emerged solo onto the scene in 2014 and has since released with labels such as Bosconi, Wo Land, Numbers and the UK’s Don’t Be Afraid. Releasing tracks full of pumping percussion and euphoric keys with a gritty aesthetic, Dukwa has risen to become one of Florence’s best exports, playing shows such as Flash and Circoloco.

Dukwa’s selections include, Herve, Actress, Andrea Benedetti and more.

A Recent Mix:

Tropical Animals Mixtape: Dukwa

Recorded during the second lockdown in Italy, i was feeling down about my life.. then i started playing some tunes and i ended up recording it.

Tropical Animals · tA MIXTAPE 46 | DUKWA

An All Time Favourite Mix:

Ninja Tune Radio: Herve

I was pleasantly surprised by this beauty, I’ve known Herva since 2008 and he did a very good job on this one !

Ninja Tune · Solid Steel Radio Show 7/10/2016 Hour 2 - Herva

A Recent Release:

Dukwa - Think Potential

My new release called "Think Potential" is 100% Dukwa. Developing my sound during these years has been quite difficult. Focusing on one genre of music has been strictly forbidden. Here you can find elements of "soul"-"Housy" and "electro" tastes, taken from my personal perspective.

An All Time Favourite Release:

Actress - Splazsh

2010...LINK club Bologna, around 3 am, Theo Parrish was playing an eclectic set (as usual) mixing soul funk with gritty techno acid structures then "LOST" took the stage. This album changed my entire life as a producer. My project Dukwa was born as a consequence of this LP and it was the "experimental" side of my project "Marco D'Aquino". Now "Dukwa" has incorporated all my "sides" from experimental music to Deep House and Techno.

A Good Read:

Mondo Techno by Andrea Benedetti (Italian)

I was into electronic sounds and a huge fan of Detroit Techno but i did not know much of it all. It helped me discover new artists, new stories and new lives.

Something To Watch:

Boiler Room: Dukwa

I won’t ever forget my Debut show for Boiler Room.Florence was indeed a Boiler city during that summer and the sound-system wasn’t the best one, but I was surrounded by my closest friends, hence all got a magic touch.