At Home With: Janina

Tue 27th Apr

Janina, an omnipresent in Berlin’s underground music scene for over a decade, takes her turn for today’s At Home With.

Developing an unparalleled interest in electronic music while working at the Berlin DNS Record Store, Janina has become a household name through her passion, technical skills and assertive signature style. Becoming a resident of Berlin’s seminal Club De Visionäre at 18, Janina now has her own night at legendary Tresor and has played some of Europe’s largest spots, such as Sonus, Big Burn and DC10. Through curiosity and hard work, Janina’s decision to drop out of school to concentrate on music has been fully vindicated.

Her selections include Peach, Richie Hawtin, Passarani, Joey Beltram and more.

A Recent Standout Mix:

Peach - RA.762

I had never heard of Peach before. I found her mix on Resident Advisor and was very impressed by her. Fresh tunes telling a nice story across 2h. I’m really looking forward to listening to more of her music.

Resident Advisor · RA.762 Peach

An All Time Favourite Mix:

Richie Hawtin: DE9 Transitions

This mix changed a lot in our scene back in the day. Richie created something that nobody else did before and I'm still impressed by it today. It's one of the most powerful minimal house/techno mixes i have ever heard, full of all time classics.

A Recent Release:

Passarani - Road to P'Jem

If the clubs were open this would be a track I would play all the time during the season.

An All Time Favourite Release:

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash

It's such a timeless bomb. You can play it at any BPM between 120-145. If there is the right moment, this track kills it.

A Good Read:

The Artful Universe by John D. Barrow

I found this book at the flea market. I thought it was something about the Universe but I started reading and I was very impressed because it explains a lot about the connection between music and the universe. I highly recommend it.

Something To Watch:

Sub Berlin - The Story of Tresor

If somebody is interested how the connection between Detroit and Berlin started, about Tresor Club and the history of it then this documentary is a must-see. It always reminds me of one of the most wonderful times in my life. It’s a truly beautiful documentary about Berlin , Detroit and Tresor Club.