At Home With: Juba

Mon 26th Apr

Cashmere Radio regular and Boko! Boko! Member, Juba, takes the hot seat for today’s At Home With.

Since emerging in 2016, Juba has built a reputation through her explorative blends and unwavering energy. A strong proponent for African sounds, both new and old, the UK artist also addresses the socio-political issues in the music world and beyond. Her silky DJ skills have seen her perform at events such as CTM and Splash, whilst her Boiler Room debut and Club Quarantäne appearances have shone a further light on her advance. You can catch Juba at the Keep Hush Return day festival at The Cause this summer.

Juba’s selections include Kemistry & Storm, Sensei Lo, Naomi Klein and more.

An Recent Mix:

Oscillate Mix - Juba

This is the first mix that I have made this year, for a Berlin based party series called Oscillate. I had a lot of fun making this mix and tried to diverge from my usual habit of starting slow and speeding up in a very linear way. It starts fast, slows down, changes tempos and genres at various points and just makes me excited to interact with crowds again.

Oscillate · Oscillate Mix #38 - Juba

An All Time Favourite Mix:

Kemistry & Storm - DJ KICKS

This one took me by surprise as I don't consider myself a DnB fan, so the fact that this is one of my favourite mixes of all time is a testament to its quality. I think it's such an incredibly crafted mix and I respect how skillful and seamless it is. It's just an incredible journey; it's full of high energy and just enough breaks to make me feel like I'm having a rave experience. I really rate it.

zOxigen · Kemistry & Storm - DJ Kicks

A Recent Release:

Sensei Lo - Waiting

This is a recent track from Sensei Lo out of Lagos, Nigeria. It came out at the beginning of April and I've been playing it on repeat since. I enjoy the laid back vibes that also have a hint of spring/summer levity and sunniness too. There's also an element of mystery to the song and it feels like a hybrid Afrohouse Bicep remix. I really enjoy Sensei's general feel and how she plays around with Afrohouse and other electronic music. I also just respect her work ethic and outlook overall and admire what she does as an electronic artist in Lagos, who is very much slaying in her lane.

An All Time Favourite Release:

Quadradinho - Dj Habias Ft. Baixinho Requentado

This is one of the first tracks that I came across way back in 2016 when I started expanding my music library as a DJ and incorporating sounds that weren't just Nigerian and Ghananian Afrobeats. I spent a lot of time in SoundCloud wormholes, following the suggested tracks and DJ mixes and eventually came across and fell in love with genres like Angolan House, Kuduro, Afrohouse and Gqom. This is one of the first Angolan musical discoveries I made and it just brings me so much joy when I play it. It has so much funk and I love the rhythm that is both repetitive and intricate and once again it makes me want to dance (my ultimate test). This is one track that I regret not having played during my Boiler Room set in 2019.

A Good Read:

Capitalism vs Climate - This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

This was written 7 years ago by Canadian journalist Naomi Klein and unfortunately it's still very relevant with regards to the climate crisis and how our current system is damaging the ecosystem that we rely upon. The environment is something that I'm very passionate about and I'm becoming increasingly aware of my impact upon my ecosystem, as a DJ and a person. I also learnt a lot about the history of the environmental crisis and it simultaneously galvanised and frustrated me and filled me with hope and despair. Even though it's 7 years old, I think we should all be more clued up on what is going on to the world around us, what can be done on a macro and micro scale, who is responsible for what and more. Definitely a necessary read for everyone in 2021.

Something To Watch:


Assurance is a documentary that I made last year about female DJs in Nigeria based around the accounts of DJ Yin, Sensei Lo and DJ Ayizan in Lagos. It was a chance for me to explore a topic that I have been conscious of i.e. gender imbalances in music but in a context away from Europe. I found it really interesting how the conversation around female DJs extended so far past the dancefloor and the wider conversation that it spurred. Nigeria was the focus of this documentary, but generally I'm interested in women's voices and exploring societies outside of the Global North, so I followed it up with the Assurance Podcast